10 Best Crossfit Exercises To Help Guys Get Ripped

What is Meant by “Ripping or Ripped” in Workout/Exercise Language?

Ripping is one of the stages of body building that most active gym goers with an eye on building muscle mass go through. During this stage the emphasis is on reducing body fat to a very low percentage. Getting ripped or ripping is achieved with a combination of dietary measures and exercise and individuals often take different workout routes and programs to get ripped. One such popular workout program that almost always produces the desired results of a drastic reduction in body fat is the Crossfit workout. The objective of this article is to enlighten readers on 10 very effective Crossfit exercises that can help men get ripped. Read further for instructions on how to replicate these exercises at the gym and achieve the ripped body type you desire.

10 Best Crossfit Exercises To Help Guys Get Ripped

  1. Weighted Pull-Up to Get Ripped

    If you wish your pull ups did more for you in terms of getting ripped; the weighted pull-up is the solution you are looking for. The added and external weight, over and above your normal body weight helps to extract more out of pull-ups with this popular Crossfit exercise to get guys ripped.

    Method for Weighted Pull-Up: Doing the weighted pull-up is rather simple in terms of methodology, as it is very similar to the traditional pull-up exercise routine; only with added weight. Start by holding a dumbbell between your feet or opt for a dumbbell attached to a weight belt fastened to your waist. Take hold of the pull bar making sure that your hands are facing away from you and are placed slightly wide than your shoulder width apart. Now pull your chin above and over the pull bar while you work your way up with your core and lower your lats as you make your way down before going up again. Do the weighted pull-up routine in 5 sets of 5 reps and in no time you guys will be a proud owner of a ripped body.

  2. Ring Dip Routine to Get Ripped

    What you need for this advanced Crossfit exercise move is great upper body strength, core strength and stability. However; this workout move can be very effective for men who wish to get ripped.

    Method for Ring Dip Routine: Take hold of two opposing gymnastic rings in each of your hands and utilize your core to push yourself further away from the rings even as you elevate your body off ground level. Be careful to gradually move down by bending the elbows and keeping your arms close to your sides; allowing your biceps to touch the rings. Distance yourself from the rings as you make it back to the initial position with your arms positioned upwards. Do 10 reps of 5 sets for this workout to bear fruit.

  3. Getting Ripped with Strict Press

    The strict press is an efficient upper body crossfit workout that effectively strengthens the shoulders.

    Method for Strict Press: Take an upright stance; with a barbell held across your chest and your feet positioned hip-width apart. Utilize your core and constrict your glutes as you gradually lift the barbell over your head. Tighten your abs to provide better support for your back and maintain balance and control while lowering the bar. Do this workout move at the rate of 5 sets of 8 reps and see a manly ripped body.

  4. Deadlift for Getting Ripped

    The typical Deadlift can go a long way in helping an individual get ripped. Deadlift is a replication of a common movement we often carry out on a day to day basis.

    Method for Deadlift: Take an upright stance with your feet placed hip-width apart and your knees slight bent. Engage your lats to lift a barbell that has been placed before you and hold the barbell close to your shins. Breathe in deeply, lift the bar up as close to your legs as possible and breathe out while you are lifting the barbell up. Lower the barbell back to its original position while maintain your stance. Do this Crossfit routine in 5 sets of 5 reps. This is an effective workout to get guys ripped.

  5. Get Ripped with the Front Squat

    Do these squats with a barbell to get ripped and work out your lower body.

    Method for Front Squat: Hold the barbell to your chest with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. Assume an attention stance with your chest pushed out and you core strong as ever. Proceed to work out your glutes upwards and downwards; lowering the barbell to the ground and then raising it back up to your chest. Remember to hold your elbows upwards as you return to standing position with the barbell held to your chest.

  6. The Power Clean Will Get the Guys Ripped

    This highly favored Crossfit routine for some of the greatest Olympic athletes will truly get you ripped.

    Method for Power Clean: This workout is not easy to replicate, but once you get it right it will really bring in the lean muscles and cut the fat. With your feet shoulder-width apart; and a barbell held at your shins; lift the barbell up above your knees, jerk the bar upwards and straighten your arms. When the bar is in the air; take quick position under it; in a quarter-squat stance. After which you can raise yourself up and return to standing. Do this Crossfit workout in 5 sets of 5 reps.

  7. Get Ripped with the Landmine Twist Exercise

    Secure a barbell with a landmine or hold it down with an anchor to do this effective Crossfit workout.

    Method for Landmine Twist: Placing your feet consider wider than what would be shoulder-width apart, raise the end of the bar off the ground till you have it at shoulder height. Keeping your arms extend and straight rotate your core and hips to the left bearing in mind the let the bar move in tandem with your motion to the left and then replicate the same move to the right. Do this Crossfit workout routine with 5 sets of eight reps towards the left and right alternatively and be ready to welcome your ripped body.

  8. Do the Toes to Bar Crossfit Routine to Get Ripped

    Toes to Bar Crossfit move really works out the abs for a ripped look.

    Method for Toes to Bar Crossfit Routine: Use the pull up bar and even as you hold on and pull yourself up; push your body backwards and your legs upwards till your toes touch the bar. Fully engage your core to get this move right. With the Toes to Bar Crossfit routine be prepared to see a ripped body in the mirror.

  9. Get Ripped with Weighted GHD Sit Up

    Sit ups are great, but even better when it is weighted, works out on your glutes and hamstrings and get a ripped body.

    Method of Weighted GHD Sit Up: Replicate the normal sit up with a weight held to your chest.

  10. The Bar Muscle Pull for Ripped Guys

    This simple pull-up technique can really get you ripped.

    Method for Bar Muscle Pull: Grab a pull up bar making sure that your hands are faced away from you. Keep your core hollow and swing in a backwards motion to pick up momentum; then proceed to thrust your hips upwards as pull your hips upwards in line with the bar. As you assume this position; get your body over the bar and push away from it. Lower yourself down and repeat. Do this work out in 5 sets of 5 reps. This is a great workout for those guys who want to get ripped.

In conclusion; these are 10 truly effective Crossfit work outs to get you guys ripped; however, you may need guidance from a trainer to replicate these; if you are new to CrossFit that is.

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