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8 Best Exercises For Sleek Summer Arms

Flabby upper arms, just like the thick thighs or chubby stomach, could be one of the reasons to worry about the body for many, especially those who care their body and their fit looks. There are several exercises which can help you get well shaped arms. Below are some of the best exercises for sleep summer arms.

8 Best Exercises For Sleek Summer Arms:

  1. Upright Row Press:

    This is one of the best exercises for sleek summer arms. This exercise actually targets the triceps, shoulders, as well as the upper back.

    Follow the steps to perform this exercise:

    • Stand by joining your feet together by keeping weights in front of the thighs.
    • Pull up the weights, by bringing your elbows out to both sides while you raise the weights up till the level of your shoulders.
    • Now, rotate the hands up and bring up your arms into one overhead press.
    • You need to do 10 such repetitions.
  2. Alternating Front Raises:

    This is another great exercise for sleep summer arms. It sculpts sleek shoulders as well as builds the postural muscles.

    Follow the steps as mentioned below to perform this exercise to get sleek summer arms:

    • Start by standing straight while keeping your feet together and dumbbells in your hand.
    • Bring both your arms up so that they are quite stretched right in front of you, while properly aligning the wrists and shoulders.
    • As you raise your right arm slowly up next to your ear, keep them pretty strong.
    • Lower down and repeat the same with your left arm, alternating the sides.

    Complete 10 repetitions, 5 on each side.

  3. Squat and Curl:

    Another effective exercise for sleek summer arms is the Squat and Curl. This exercise tones your biceps, thighs and your butts.

    Below are the steps to perform Squat and Curl:

    • Begin the exercise by keeping your feet hips-width apart and having weights in your hand.
    • With proper control, take your hands up to the shoulders so as to complete a bicep curl.
    • Lower slowly before getting your booty back and down in the position of squat. Ensure that your knees remain behind your toes.
    • Rise up and repeat the sequence for about 10 repetitions.
  4. Bend Over Row and Press:

    Bend over row and press” is another exercise for sleek summer arms. This exercise actually works your triceps and also tones up the upper back, inner thighs and the waistline.

    Follow the steps as mentioned below to perform Bend Over Row and Press:

    • Start in the splint lunge position, hinging forward while resting your front hand on the front leg for proper support.
    • Now, as you perform a dumbbell row, gaze down at the front foot.
  5. Triangle Push Ups:

    One of the best exercises for sleek summer arms is the Triangle push-ups. This is actually a hard move. Follow the steps as mentioned below:

    • Keep your hands on the floor or the mat, right below the chest while ensuring that your thumbs and the index fingers are touching in a way so as to form the shape of a triangle and keeping your arms straight.
    • Now, lower the body closer to the floor, while keeping the torso absolutely straight and the back flat.
    • Push back up till the arms remain straight.
    • Do 8-12 such push-ups.
  6. Triceps Dips:

    Research has indicated that our triceps are composed primarily of type II muscle fibers ( about 67%), which are generally thought to be best stimulated when you use heavy weight.(1) So, by including an exercise, like the weighted triceps dips you can ensure that you are stimulating your triceps muscle fibers maximally.

    Read below to know about the steps of performing triceps dips:

    • Sit on a chair or a bench keeping your hands and your palms down, and on both the sides of the hips.
    • Support your entire body with your hands, and scoot forward till your seat is right off the chair of the bench.
    • Now, relax, lower the body, and keep your shoulders down.
    • Then, by using only your arms, press the body back to the starting position.
    • You can add a modification to this; where you can keep your knees quite bent and both your feet quite close to the body. However, if you want a more challenging exercise, you can straighten the legs out right in front of you.
    • Do about 8-12 repetitions for better results.
  7. Tricep Kickbacks:

    This exercise tones the back arm. This can also be considered as one of the best exercises for sleek summer arms.

    Below are the steps to perform this exercise:

    • Carrying a 5 pound or 8 pound of weight (as per your suitability), stand by keeping your right leg kept in the front of the left leg, and with slightly bent knees.
    • While keeping the back straight, slightly bend at your waist to an angel of 45 degree and rest the right hand on the right thigh for a better support.
    • Having the weight in the left hand, form a 90 degree angle with the arm.
    • Make sure you press the weight backward till the left arm remains straight, making sure that you are not moving the upper arm or the shoulder.
    • Then, lower back the weight to your starting position.
    • Perform about 8-12 repetitions with the left arm and then do the same with the right one.
  8. “Serve The Platter” Move:

    This is a move which works your biceps, shoulders as well as your chest.

    Follow the steps to perform this exercise:

    • Keep your arms at the sides, while bending your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees.
    • Reach your arms straight forward, as if you are serving a platter, and then reach them to the sides in a position of “T”, back to the center, and then pull in your arms towards you.
    • Make sure you are keeping your palms facing up while doing this.
    • Repeat the step 10 times and finish 3 sets in total.


So, above we talked about some of the best exercises for sleep summer arms. Apart from these exercises you can also try bar push-downs, rope push-downs, overhead triceps extensions, and bench presses for sleep summer arms. It must also be remembered, that apart from the exercises you must also take quality supplements for sleek summer arms.


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