How Do You Stretch The Middle of Your Back?

The spinal cord is delicate tube-like structural bone consist of many nerves bundles that transmit information in and out between the brain and the rest of the body. It is responsible for main structure and movement of the body. It assists in keeping the body to stand upright but flexible enough for movement. Any inflammation or injury to the spine is no surprise as it happens to people repeatedly. Back pain is the most common ache among people who perform heavy work. To protect the spine from major inflammation and disability, gently stretching the muscles can alleviate the back pain. It reduces tension in muscles and improves over-all body movement.

Middle back pain is the term describes the pain or discomfort which is felt in the middle back o spine. It includes the area where the rib cage connects to the chest region of the spine which is also known as the thoracic spine. Aging, obesity, Malignancy, lack of exercise, renal dysfunction, herniated disc, fractured spine, arthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, hard labor work, and poor posture are some of the reason for the cause of middle back pain. In case of normal people, incorrect sitting and standing posture is a leading source of mid back pain. Young people tend to slouch; very often increases which pressure on the backbone and leads to strained muscles.

How Do You Stretch The Middle of Your Back?

How Do You Stretch The Middle Of Your Back?

Some of the exercises can help to strengthen the mid back muscles and prevent the pain. A mild stretch which can be done anywhere and anytime can dissolve the muscle tension. A simple stretch like Cat-Cow movements, Cobra pose, passive back bend, seated twist, and bridge pose can help to alleviate mid back pain.

Cat-Cow Movements – It is a simple inhale and exhale exercise followed by keeping the body in cow and cat-like position. First, breathe in gently by keeping pelvis upward and heart forward and the belly down and face up like standing cow position. Second, exhale by keeping the body like a cat. Rounding the spine, tucking pelvis, and allowing head hang loose. This is followed for 5 to 7 times to reduce the mid back pain.

Cobra Pose – This gentle back bend position strengthens the back. While bending back hold the breath and release.
Stretch The Middle of Your Back-Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose to Stretch The Middle of Your Back

Passive back bend – This is simple inhale and exhale exercise done in a relaxed lying flat posture on the ground with a pillow or rolled blanket placed under the head. This exercise increases the back flexibility, reduce tension, and improve the body function.

Seated Twist – Sitting cross-legged, twist the upper body to the right, placing the left hand on the right knee for support and right hand behind. This is repeated on the other side by holding breathe in and out.

Bridge Pose – Lying on the back and uplifting the hips alone gently towards the ceiling. This is done with the help of the feet followed by breath hold.

Stretch The Middle of Your Back-Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose to Stretch The Middle of Your Back

Some of the low impact exercises are also advantageous like yoga, swimming, and walking which has good output in alleviating mid back pain. Core strengthening exercises like working the abdomen and back muscles using bridges and planks can help to reduce the mid back pain. But the advice of gym trainer or physician is must before starting the low impact or core strengthening exercises.

Maintaining a healthy weight, sleeping in a correct position, practicing proper posture, and instructor guided physical therapy can able to prevent back pain and reduce the risk of injury.

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