Weight and Injuries : How Strong Are These Connected?

Sudden weight gain can often be a sign of health problems. Often this indicates a disturbed hormonal balance and external diseases that cause metabolic problems. One of the external reasons is injuries. Suffered injuries force you to stop training at least for a short time, and deprive you of the opportunity to participate in competitions. Of course, that doesn’t make anyone happy. After all, not only do you have to suffer the pain, but the results also deteriorate. Unfortunately, injuries are an integral part of sports and almost everyone has had to deal with them. After an injury, as mentioned above, you can suffer from sudden weight gain. Keeping that in mind, we will explore the reasons why injuries have an impact on weight gain. Also, in this article, you may find awesome tips on how to slow down weight gain and recover much faster after the injury.

How Is Weight Gain Related to Injuries?

After an accident, physical trauma, or injury, weight gain can occur unexpectedly This is associated with less movement and stress after the incident. High treatment costs, pain, emotional shock immediately after an injury, and even an operation cause great stress. Scientists say that there is a direct connection between stress and weight gain. Some people relieve stress with fatty food, while others can’t take a single bite into their mouths. In both cases, the body is not happy. When you are starving, the body accumulates reserves, so the weight will not only not fall, but will also start to grow. And if you are constantly stuffing yourself with fast food, it is natural that the pounds will not decrease. On the other hand, for instance, damage to the spine, legs, or hands fractures, and sprain of ligaments and tendons reduce the possibility of movement. The less you move, the more and faster the fats accumulate in the body.

What You Should Do After Injury?

1. Stop Snacking

Do you like snacking a lot? And even junk food? Stop it or find healthier alternatives to foods you often eat. If you like snacks like chips for their crunch and saltiness, think about what healthier alternatives will give you the same experience. If you like crunchy foods, try carrot sticks with peanut butter, celery with guacamole, or almonds. Even if you eat a little more of these snacks, at least they are high in nutrients.

2. Practice Slowly Movements

After an injury, you may not be able to run or lift heavy weights like you used to do before the injury. However, light exercises are recommended to help you move your body. In this way, we warmed up a little and helped the muscles fill with more blood and various microelements. The chance of additional injury during easy workouts is lower, so light movements are safe and help burn fat at the same time.

3. Consume NMN Supplements

Taking NMN is one of the ways to reduce weight. What is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide? Let me explain. This bioactive nucleotide is an intermediate compounds in the biosynthesis of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. These compounds (NMN or NAD+) occurs naturally in avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, and raw beef. In the laboratory, it is supplied as nicotinamide mononucleotide powder. NAD+ has a direct positive relationship with sirtuins levels in the body. Sirtuins are proteins that are produced only by the body itself. They are involved in vital metabolic processes. These proteins are responsible for the aging process, the body’s recovery during illness, and wound healing. Sirtuins play an important role in cellular responses to stress (for example, cellular oxidation processes) and cellular metabolic processes. In other words, sirtuins can activate metabolic processes, reduce inflammatory processes related to weight gaining, and slow down muscle degeneration processes. If you want to heal faster and lose more weight, add daily NMN supplement intake to your diet.

The Bottom Line

Injuries have a positive link with weight gaining. Injuries promote stress and increase cortisol levels in the blood. Also, after an injury, you cannot move very fast. Due to these reasons, your body starts to accumulate more fats. However, good eating habits, easy workouts, and new NMN supplements can help you both recover faster and slow down weight-gaining processes in the body.

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Last Modified On:September 21, 2022

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