Progeria Syndrome: Treatment, Lifestyle Changes, Coping, Prognosis

Treatment for Progeria Syndrome

In reality, there is no definite treatment for progeria syndrome, constant observation of the heart and cardiovascular vessels sometimes help to manage the progeria syndrome of your child.

Treatment for Progeria Syndrome

Fortunately, there are some treatments that may help to ease the progeria syndrome or may delay the symptoms or the signs of the conditions. Some of the treatments to ease the symptoms of progeria syndrome are:

  • Aspirin in low and regular dose for progeria syndrome may put off cardio attack and cardiovascular accident, like stroke.
  • Depending on the conditions of your children, the health professionals may change medicines for progeria syndrome. For example, Statins may be applied for lowering cholesterol. Again, Anticoagulants are very effective to clot blood. The doctor may suggest taking growth hormone to expedite stature and weight.
  • There are others alternates like physical therapies for progeria syndrome to make joints and hip, flexible and rigid as well so that your child stay fit and fine.
  • Tooth extraction may help coming out new teeth before primary teeth come out for progeria syndrome. Pulling out some of the teeth can be helpful to avert congestion of teeth and helps right replacement of the teeth.

Investigational Treatment for Progeria Syndrome

The recent research for understanding the progeria syndrome is going on. At the same time, endeavor to find out new treatment is on the progress. Some of the research areas for progeria syndrome are:

  • The study of genetic material and the course of the disease in order to understand the progress of progeria syndrome. This may help identify new possibilities of treatment for progeria syndrome.
  • Doing of clinical tests on man by using drugs such as arnesyl transferase inhibitors (FTIs) that had been developed to treat cancer and can be effective for curing progeria syndrome.
  • Trying other drugs for treating the progeria syndrome.

Lifestyle Changes for Progeria Syndrome

There are some steps that can be easier for you to practice at home for your child suffering from progeria syndrome. These are:

  • Dehydration seriously affects the progeria syndrome child. So always be sure that your child is properly hydrated. Always keep observing that your child takes plenty of water, particularly during hot summer days or in illness.
  • Provide the child with progeria syndrome a small but frequent meals, as nutrition can be the issue of the growth of the children with the disease of progeria syndrome. The frequent small meals help to add calories and are a good lifestyle changes.
  • Give your child with progeria syndrome occasions of doing physical activity regularly. Consult with the doctor to know which activities are best for your child.
  • Getting soft or padded shoes for your child is a good lifestyle remedy. The reduction of body fat will also lead to the reduction of fat in the feet. The condition may cause discomfort in progeria syndrome.
  • Apply sunscreen with SPF 15 generously for a child with progeria syndrome is a good lifestyle remedy. Reapply it every 2 hours or more if your child swims or perspire.
  • Make sure that child has been immunized till date. Because they are exposed to the risk of infections when they are suffering from progeria syndrome.
  • Given the opportunity for learning, progeria syndrome does not affect the intellect of the child. So, they can attend regular session of the schools at the right age level.

Coping with Progeria Syndrome

Coping with progeria syndrome is not at all easy for both the parents and the child with progeria syndrome. It is emotionally upsetting when you will know that your child has been detected with progeria syndrome. Immediately you will know that the child is encountering multiple problems, many challenges, and cut-short life span. For all of you dealing with the problem will only suggest a great obligation to emotional, physical and economic crisis.

Having disorders like progeria syndrome, the support group, comprises of family, friends and other health professionals, play a very valuable part. In support group you will find people with progeria syndrome. Interact with them, it will assist you to hold your sentiment regarding the emotion arising out of the condition of the child. If there is none in your group, then you can contact with the health professionals or clergymen. It will help a lot.

You can inquire your doctor about the independent or self-help group in the community. There are also other good sources of support groups in your area and you may consult with them. These are: public library, health department, telephone directory, and also internet forum. You will not be able to find progeria syndrome -specific group because the disorder is very rare. But, it is possible to find out parents of children suffering from any chronic disorders. Fortunately, the progeria syndrome research foundation may find for you some of the families that are struggling with the problem. You can contact with the foundation over the phone. Dial 978-535-2594 to reach the progeria syndrome foundation.

Helping Your Child to Cope with Progeria Syndrome

Helping a child to cope with progeria syndrome is very hard and painful. Your child with progeria syndrome may be under the spell of grief and fear because they know that their life will be cut-short because of the progeria syndrome. Your child, immediately need your support in making explanation of the notion of death taking help from religion and spirituality. You may need to satisfy your child by answering him/ her about the conditions of the family after death.

It is very important that you should talk with your child frankly and truthfully. Try to reassure within the limit of your belief system. You need to know the way of interaction to the child with progeria syndrome. The clergymen or the therapist may help you to prepare the conversation for the valuable guidance.

Your child may directly talk with the therapists for getting comfort and solace for progeria syndrome.

Prognosis for Progeria Syndrome

As progeria syndrome is a fatal disorder, many children die of heart disease sooner or later. The sufferers are more inclined to heart ailments. The progeria syndrome child lives till 13 years, though in some cases, they live till their 20s.

The maximum number of progeria syndrome sufferers die because of the cardiovascular disorders. Though there are other causes. These are marasmus, stroke, seizures, and accidental brain shock.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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