Groin Massage Techniques

A groin strain or a pull can be a painful condition affecting the adductor muscles, which are located on the inner side of the thigh. The function of these muscles is to bring the limbs together.

Causes of Groin Strain

Causes of Groin Strain

  • Athletes or individuals who are involved in sports, which require lot of running or quick changes in direction are more prone to groin strains.
  • Other activities such as kicking and jumping also result in injury to the groin muscles.
  • Falling and twisting the foot.

Massage for Groin Strain

  • Ice massage can be done 3 times daily. Muscle stimulation can be done with the help of the surge current at 7 along with ultrasound once daily. After this, light exercise can be done twice a day.
  • Sports massage for groin strain should be started after 4 days of injury. If the groin massage is done in acute stage, then it aggravates the injury.
  • A proper use of groin massage technique helps in faster recovery and healing from groin strain.
  • Prior to starting the groin massage, a stretch should be done.
  • The knee is flexed and then allowed to fall out, to the side.
  • Next, support the knee and apply mild pressure to push the leg as far as tolerable.
  • Place the hand firmly at the patient’s hip. Hold the inner side of the knee with the other hand.
  • The patient is told to push against the palm and should try to bring the leg towards the center.
  • While the patient is applying pressure for 10 seconds, you should keep the leg in place and then relax by allowing the leg to fall a bit further and stretching the groin.
  • Repeat this technique for 5 times.
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