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Can MRSA Be Transmitted Through Sperm?

MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) is caused by a species of staphylococcus bacteria that has become resilient or impervious to methicillin antibiotics and many other common antibiotics.

Can MRSA Be Transmitted Through Sperm?

Can MRSA Be Transmitted Through Sperm?

Sperm culture has shown at times the colonization of MRSA in it. However, whether MRSA can be transmitted through sperm is still unclear. It is also unclear as to what happens to the MRSA once it is transmitted to the partner through sperm, if it does. However, it is a disease that spreads through skin to skin contact, nonetheless. Hence, it is beneficial to avoid any direct contact with the person infected with MRSA. Also, it is wise to ask your partner to cover his/her wounds or skin infections if any. Washing the hands with soap and water frequently is also a good practice to stay away from getting the infection. As this disease spreads with direct skin to skin contact, it is also wise to shower after any direct contact.

Also, studies believe that MRSA cannot be transmitted through semen, unless the semen encounters an open wound or cut or scrapes on the skin. Even then, the chances may be 50-50. However, it is advisable to wash your hands as well as the exposed surface thoroughly with either soap and water or a suitable disinfectant, to eliminate any possibilities of getting infected.

Prevention Of MRSA

Since HA-MRSA and CA-MRSA are seen in two different areas or settings, the modes for prevention of both these types will also be different, though there are some common zones as well-

Prevention Of HA-MRSA

  • In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, people who are infected with MRSA are separated
  • Those attending and visiting the MRSA-infected persons may require wearing protective gowns and garments as per the protocol
  • The attendants and the visitors both need to follow a strict hygiene protocol
  • Exposed surfaces, equipment and laundry should be properly disinfected

Prevention Of CA-MRSA

Hand Sanitization-

  • Washing the hands carefully and regularly with soap and water is the best way to ensure that the pathogens do not spread
  • Scrubbing the hands quickly for at least 15 seconds is required to get rid of all the germs on your hands
  • It is recommended to carry a small bottle of sanitizer with you wherever you go
  • It is especially required at places where water and soap are not readily available

Covering Wounds-

  • Keeping the wounds, cuts and abrasions covered with dry, sterile bandages will ensure that the wound does not transfer the MRSA to other, healthy people.
  • Also, if you are not infected, covering the wounds will help you keep yourself protected from an MRSA infection as well

Not Sharing Personal Items-

  • You must not share personal items like washcloths, bedsheets, towels, razors, undergarments etc.
  • MRSA can spread through contaminated or exposed objects and surfaces, as well as through direct contact

Shower After Sports-

  • It is best to shower with soap and water after sports, especially contact sports like wrestling
  • This is to eliminate any chances of getting affected through direct contact

Sanitizing The Laundry-

  • If you are affected with MRSA and you have a cut or a wound on your skin, it is essential to wash your exposed clothes and linen in washing machine in the hottest setting
  • It is also recommended to dry clothes immediately after washing and get them machine dried in hot settings, instead of air drying
  • The heat will kill all the bacteria and eliminate chances of contamination

Avoiding Illicit Drugs-

  • Intravenous route is a good and easy pathway for the bacteria to enter your body and cause infection
  • Hence, it is advisable to stayaway from illicit drugs and their intravenous administration

MRSA has been detected in sperm cultures. However, whether it can be transmitted through sperm, or what happens to it after it enters the partner’s body, is still an unclear picture.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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