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Can Osteochondritis Dissecans Go Away On Its Own & What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Osteochondritis Dissecans refers to the problem caused by a painful joint. The problem is common in teenage people and children, who stay active in exercises and sports activities. The condition mainly takes place in knee areas, but a child may even experience the problem in other joints, like ankles and elbows. In most of the cases, the condition becomes better when you choose to rest your joints for a certain period. Swelling and pain are the two common symptoms related to osteochondritis dissecans.

The problem sometimes flares up after you do physical activities, like playing certain sports and climbing stairs.(1)

Can Osteochondritis Dissecans Go Away On Its Own?

Can Osteochondritis Dissecans Go Away On Its Own?

Osteochondritis Dissecans take place mainly in adolescents and children. It may even cause symptoms after suffering a bone or joint injury. Moreover, the problem takes place after performing physical activities for several months, especially high-intensive activities, like running and jumping, both affect the joint. The condition takes place mainly in knees but can cause even in other joints, including ankles and elbows.

Until now, doctors have mentioned the problem of osteochondritis dissecans in different stages according to the injury size, complete or partial detachment of the fragment, and the position of the fragment. If the loose pieces of bone and cartilage stay in their places, you may experience only a few of the symptoms. However, for young children with developing bones, the injury associated with osteochondritis dissecans heal on its own.(2)

What Are The Natural Remedies For Osteochondritis Dissecans?

Children suffering from osteochondritis dissecans do not need enough treatment. If a child continues to grow, his/her cartilage and bone heals probably on own. Your child requires resting of their joints and avoiding various sports until and unless the symptoms improve. In this situation, you have to use a cast, brace, and crutches for a certain period.

However, the problem of osteochondritis dissecans becomes worse for young adults and growing children. If the loose piece remains stable i.e. remains in the place, you may overcome the symptoms with home treatment. These include the following-

  • Resting of the affected joints
  • Bracing of the joints at the time of playing sports
  • Treatment of inflammation and pain with the help of certain anti-inflammatory medicines and over-the-counter types of painkillers.(3)

Along with this, patients suffering from osteochondritis dissecans should try a few of the common natural remedies related to the management of knee and/or joint pain.

  • Massage By Using Olive Oil: You may choose to massage some amounts of olive oil in the painful joints for at least 2times in one day and remains absorbed within the skin. However, you should make sure of buying cold and pressed oil instead of the hot one, as the heating process destroys various healthy nutrients.
  • Soak The Painful Joint In Epsom Salt: The magnesium sulfate remains present in Epsom salt absorbs easily from your skin and helps in reducing the problem of inflammation. You should add a half a cup of salt to a bowl containing warm water and soak the painful joint for approximately 15minutes. If you experience pain in the multiple joints and your back area, you should add 2cups of Epsom salt in the bathwater and soak in a bathtub for about 15minutes.
  • Supplements: There are large numbers of supplements, which are an overall healthy addition to the daily diet and help in strengthening of bones. These are Vitamin D, glucosamine, calcium, and magnesium.(4)


Depending solely on the bone and cartilage injuries, the condition of osteochondritis dissecans may improve without treatment or with minor treatment. Besides, a patient of this condition can easily manage his/her underlying symptoms by following certain natural and non-surgical remedies.


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