Thigh Pain

Thigh pain occurs as a result of injuries to the thigh. These injuries are commonly acute injuries, which mean they are sudden in their onset. Some of the common thigh injuries include muscle injuries such as Pulled Hamstring Muscles, Groin Strain and Pulled Quadriceps. Gradual thigh pain usually results from an overuse injury, such as inflammation or groin tendonitis. We have given below a brief summary on some common injuries resulting in thigh pain such as Pulled Hamstring Muscles and Pulled Quadriceps. To know more about them and other thigh injuries, please visit the complete THIGH PAIN topics listed on the left side menu, which gives you information about the causes, symptoms and treatment with rehab exercises in extensive detail.

Pulled Hamstring Muscles:

Pulled Hamstring Muscles

Strain to one or more of the hamstring muscle group is known as pulled hamstring muscles. Causes and risk factors include: Inadequate warming up or stretching before workout or sports activities, weakness in the hamstring muscles, ill-fitting footwear and overuse injuries. Depending on the severity of the strain, it is classified into Grade 1, 2 & 3 strains. Treatment comprises of rest, R.I.C.E. therapy, use of crutches to avoid complete weight bearing, wrapping & taping, NSAIDs and physical therapy. To know more in detail, please refer to our "Pulled Hamstring Muscles" section under the "Thigh Pain" topic on the left side of the menu.

Pulled Quadriceps:

Pulled Quadriceps

Also known as quadriceps (quads) strain, is a condition where one or all the muscles or their tendon located in front of the thigh are injured. Causes include sports activities which require forceful or repetitive contraction of the quadriceps such as seen in running, jumping and kicking. Symptoms depend on the severity of the strain and include: Pain, swelling, restricted movements, muscle weakness & stiffness and also a popping sensation felt at the time of injury. Treatment depends on the severity of the strain and comprises of rest, R.I.C.E. therapy, bandaging, NSAIDs and rehabilitation program.

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