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Symptom Checker For Chest Pain In Female

Chest Pain?

Symptom checker provided by is the excellent application to recognize the exact reason of the ache that you may be encountering which includes pain in chest or symptoms of pain in any other part of your body.

Chest itself subsists of different organs where you may encounter pain that can lead to illness. We will help you find the troubled region of your chest.

  1. Anterior or Front Upper Right Side Chest Pain.
  2. Anterior Sternal (Mid Chest) Pain.
  3. Anterior or Front Lower Left Side Chest Pain.
  4. Anterior or Front Lower Right Side Chest Pain.
  5. Anterior or Front Upper Left Side Chest Pain.

The 3D image of the human chest is shown in the left part with different areas of the chest featured clearly. Use the image to click and let us know accurately which part of your chest is having pain & we will provide you with a batch of questions. Your answers will help us find the symptoms on the basis of which we will display the results on your device.

Figuring Out the Results:

  • The results which will be produced are merely to give you the possible diseases that we diagnose on the basis of your provided details.
  • Many of the results showing the possibility of severe diseases can make you stressed but you have to recognize that all the indicated cases of diseases will not be appropriate/relevant to you in most cases. Results which are displayed are the possibilities. Nevertheless you must not ignore any of the results. It is advised to discuss with your general physician before making any decisions on your own.