Foot Cramps: Causes and Ways to Get Rid of Cramps in Foot and Toe

  • It is a sudden involuntary contraction of the muscles of the foot resulting in excruciating pain with inability to move the foot.
  • The affected part of the foot is usually the arch of the foot and the big toes during the episode of such cramps.
  • Foot cramps can come on out of the blue and cause excruciating pain.

Causes of Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps


  • Wearing tight shoes or boots, especially with high heels may result in a foot cramps.
  • This is generally found in women’s shoes which often converge at the tip thus squeezing out the toes.


  • Long distance runners and individuals who have a habit of walking long distances are also at risk for having foot cramps.
  • Even spending a lot of time on the treadmill can also be a reason for foot cramps.
  • Ballet dancing has also been found to cause foot cramps.

Calcium Deficiency:

  • Hypocalcemia increases the risk for foot cramps.


  • Certain asthma, hypertension, or cholesterol medications tend to cause foot cramps.
  • Hence an individual needs to ask the physician about the medication causing these cramps

Ways to Get Rid of Cramps in the Foot and Toe


  • Massaging is perhaps the best way to get rid of foot cramps.
  • Massaging helps the muscles to relax and calm down and thus relieving the symptoms.
  • Massaging helps in increasing circulation to muscles and as such increasing blood flow and nutrients to the muscles.

Application of Heat:

  • Applying heat to the affected area is also a way to get rid of foot cramps.
  • This can be done either through a heating pad or soaking the foot in warm water which relaxes the muscles and calms it down resulting in pain relief.


  • Stretching the foot is also quite a beneficial way to treat foot cramps.
  • Gentle stretching when the cramp sets in goes a long way in getting rid of the symptoms.
  • Doing stretches on a regular basis prevents cramping for occurring frequently.


  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet makes sure that there is balanced amount of vitamins and minerals in the body and facilitates appropriate functioning of the muscles and nerves.

Fluid Intake:

  • Dehydration is found to be a common cause of foot cramps.
  • Drinking adequate amount of fluids is imperative to prevent foot cramps especially in the summer season.

Proper Footwear:

  • It is imperative to select footwear that are appropriately fitting and are not cramping up the foot.
  • High heels and narrow toed shoes should be avoided and should only be used on occasions.

Strengthening Exercises:

  • Strengthening exercises for the foot strengthens the muscles and thus reduces the risk of foot cramps.

Toe Stretchers:

It has been noted that wearing Toe Stretchers for a few hours also decreases the frequency of foot cramps or toe cramps.

Toe Stretchers stretch out the foot muscles and ligaments. It also maintains the alignment of the foot/toes.

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