Ebola Virus : Symptoms, Treatment, How it Can Infect, Prevention

Ebola Virus

  • The name Ebola is given to this virus from the Ebola River in Congo where this disease was first reported.
  • Ebola Virus is a rare but an extremely deadly virus which causes bleeding both internally and externally in the body.
  • It starts to impair the immune system and other vital organs.
  • In its advanced stage, it affects the clotting of blood resulting in extremely severe uncontrollable bleeding.

How Can A Person Get Infected With Ebola Virus?

  • Ebola Virus is not as contagious as some of the other viruses like cold, flu or measles.
  • This virus spreads through contact by skin or body fluids of an infected person.
  • Ebola Virus can spread through contaminated needles and/or surfaces.
  • It does not spread through air, water, or food substances.

Symptoms Of Ebola Virus

During the initial stages, a person infected with Ebola Virus will have symptoms similar to flu. As the disease progresses, the infected will start to observe:

  • High fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle and joint pains
  • Appetite loss
  • Sore throat

Treatment For Ebola Virus

At present, there is no cure for Ebola Virus, although studies are going on to try to find a vaccine or a medication for its treatment.

Ebola Virus Symptoms Management Is Done Using:

  • Fluids and electrolytes
  • Oxygen supplementation
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Blood transfusions

ZMAPP For Treating Ebola Virus

There is a drug named ZMapp which might help treat Ebola Virus but this is an untested drug on people.

Prevention of Ebola Virus

As of now the best way to avoid contracting this deadly virus is to stay away from countries where it is said to have spread.

Physicians and other aid workers can prevent themselves by wearing safety masks and gloves when touching infected people.

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