Surgical Treatment for Broken Collarbone Or Clavicle Fracture

Following Are The Choices Of Surgical Treatment Of Broken Collarbone Or Clavicle Fracture

  1. Plates and Screws.
  2. Pins
  3. Bone Graft and Fixation of Fractured Fragments.

1. Plates and Screws:

  • The fragments of bone are repositioned into their normal position and held in place with screws or metal plates.
  • Following surgery, there may be an area of numbness just beneath the incision, which will get better and normal sensation will return over a period of time as the wound heals.
  • These plates and screws are not removed even after complete healing unless they become a source of discomfort for patient.

2. Pins:

  • They are used to keep the fracture in good alignment.
  • This is done through small incisions.
  • Since the pins generally irritate the skin, hence they are removed once the fracture completely heals.

3. Bone Graft and Fixation of Fractured Fragments:

  • Clavicle or collarbone fracture not responding to conservative treatment is treated with bone graft and external fixation using screw and plates.
  • Results are much better when bone grafts are used.