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Can You Outgrow Nephrotic Syndrome & How Do You Reduce Swelling In It?

Children or infants with excessive amount of protein excreted from their urine, swelling in different regions of their body and sudden weight gain may cause a condition referred as nephrotic syndrome or nephrosis. This type of syndrome often takes place whenever small structures i.e. glomeruli present in the human kidneys fail to perform their functions in a right way and allow the entry of protein in excessive amounts to kidneys.

Can You Outgrow Nephrotic Syndrome?

Even though the problem of childhood nephrosis i.e. nephrotic syndrome does not has a specific treatment or cure, most of the children succeed to outgrow the disease during their later years of life i.e. during teen ages or in their early adulthood. Moreover, a few of the children have a single attack associated with the syndrome. In case a child does not experience any attack for a period of about three years after his/her first attack, chances are that the child may not fall sick again. On the other side, a few children often have more than one attack.(2)

Another noticing fact about nephrotic syndrome is that some children have frequent attacks during the initial two years period after the nephrosis strikes in them. However, after 10 or 15 years, hardly a few children continue to suffer from the attacks provided they undergo proper treatment to prevent or control the edema related symptoms in their body, i.e. accumulation of liquid in the body with the help of diuretics and prednisone.

How Do You Reduce Swelling In Nephrotic Syndrome?

Treatment to cure the problem of nephrotic syndrome depends solely on your underlying symptoms. Especially, many children with this syndrome suffer from a common disease called Edema i.e. swelling in the entire body because of the accumulation of excessive fluids. For this, doctors recommend-

Diuretics Medications. The main role of diuretics medicines is to help your kidneys in releasing the extra amount of fluid or salt content to reduce your swelling. Other than swelling, extra fluid in your body causes many cardiac problems and breathing difficulties. In this situation, doctors recommend for water pills i.e. prescription diuretics to increase the urination in patients. Under this category, doctors recommend for the following medicines i.e. Aldactone or spironolactone and Lasix or furosemide.

Diet Plan to Cure Nephrotic Syndrome. Along with the aforementioned medications, diet plan has an important role to control swelling in patients with nephrotic syndrome. For this, you should strictly avoid any soda item and table salt. Moreover, you should limit the exact amount of salt you intake to avoid swelling and to control the blood pressure. In addition, you should go with certain foods and beverages, which perform their functions as diuretics.(1)


To conclude, we should say that depending on individual conditions, nephrotic syndrome might outgrow in children. However, it is the prime responsibility of parents and doctors to undergo proper treatment with diuretics to avoid or reduce the body swelling associated the syndrome.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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