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How Do You Prevent Nephritis?

About Nephritis

Nephritis is a pathological condition affecting the renal system of the body. This condition is characterized by inflammation of the nephrons, the tubules, and other tissues surrounding them. This leads to interference in the functioning of the kidneys and may ultimately damage the kidneys.

When the kidneys are damaged, there is accumulation of waste products and other toxins which may have entered the body through the food causing serious threat to the overall health of an individual. Left untreated, nephritis can lead to permanent damage to the kidneys and eventually renal failure which will then require kidney transplant to treat the condition.

Nephritis tends to have many causes. In some cases, nephritis tends to run in families giving this condition a genetic connection. Certain infections like HIV/AIDS or hepatitis can also result in an individual developing Nephritis. Autoimmune disorder like Lupus is also one of the most common causes of Nephritis. Individuals with diabetes, hypertension, and those who are overweight also are at risk for developing Nephritis. If these risk factors are kept under control and a condition like lupus is detected and treated early then Nephritis is a condition that can definitely be prevented. Delineated below are some ways on how to prevent Nephritis.

How Do You Prevent Nephritis?

How Do You Prevent Nephritis?

Some of the ways to prevent nephritis are:

Bacterial Infections: Bacterial infection like strep throat has been identified as a potential cause for nephritis. Thus if an individual is diagnosed with a strep throat or is around individuals who have had strep throat needs to be careful as to not to contract the infection and if diagnosed then needs to take proper medication as directed by the physician so as to avoid potential complications like Nephritis occurring as a result of Streptococcus bacterium.

Avoid NSAIDs Abuse: Taking too much of NSAIDs and other pain killers also tends to affect the functioning of the kidneys and is a potential risk factor for nephritis. Thus avoiding consumption of NSAIDs and pain killers in abundance is yet another way to prevent a condition like Nephritis.

Exercise: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercising regularly, eating a well balanced diet, and maintaining a healthy weight is also a way to prevent nephritis. If an individual is overweight then shedding excess weight by healthy means can not only do wonders for the overall health of the individual but also prevent complications like Nephritis.

Avoid Tobacco & Alcohol: Abstaining from tobacco and alcohol is also a way to prevent Nephritis. Alcohol consumed in abundance tends to affect both the liver and the kidneys and damages them. This may lead to nephritis and thus abstaining from these products is the best way to prevent a condition like nephritis.

Keep BP Under Control: Monitoring of blood pressure is also a way to prevent nephritis. Hypertension is one of the common causes of nephritis. Uncontrolled hypertension adversely affects the kidneys and thus strict monitoring of blood pressure is a must to prevent nephritis. If an individual has hypertension then keeping the blood pressure under control through diet and medications is the way to go to prevent a condition like nephritis.

Manage Diabetes: Diabetic individuals need to be more careful in order to prevent a condition like nephritis. Diabetes is a condition which affects the kidneys first. Thus strict monitoring of blood sugars and making dietary changes as advised by the physician is a must to prevent Nephritis.


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