Liver Disease Prevention : Effective Liver Function Tests & Screening Methods

The liver is a vital organ of the human body, performing essential tasks to keep the whole body functional. It is responsible for some of the most critical activities, like removing all the harmful substances from the body as it flushes away all the toxins and helps the human body stay healthy and fit.

Even though the liver works efficiently enough to aid other organs perform to their fullest, liver diseases are not rare. Unfortunately, over the last few years, the occurrence of liver failures and diseases has become quite frequent.

There are numerous reasons behind a person getting some liver disease. At the same time, there are several ways through which these diseases can be prevented. Performing liver function tests and screening at the right time helps save a dime a dozen!

This article offers complete detail on liver disease prevention and how liver function tests can help you improve the health of this vital organ.

Understanding Liver Function Tests

Liver function tests are a set of blood tests measuring various enzymes and proteins that a liver makes. The viability of these substances that the liver produces determines the functioning capacity of this organ.

Most of the time, the viability of these substances gets checked through a single blood sample, and you don’t need to keep wasting your blood time and again. A liver blood test like LIVERFASt takes less than an hour and makes this visible!

Understanding Liver Function Tests
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Why Are Liver Function Tests Necessary?

It is obvious that a test performed on time helps pinpoint any issue the liver deals with. In addition, by working on the weakness, one can improve the functioning capacity of this organ.

Liver failure is a direct result of a lot of various diseases. For instance, any person suffering from Hepatitis B or C has a higher chance of having a weak liver. Alongside this, fatty liver disease, use of alcohol and Cirrhosis are also reasons the liver may stop working altogether.

Taking frequent body tests aids in discovering any hidden body problem which was not evident beforehand. This is because liver failure, most of the time, doesn’t happen instantly. Instead, a condition like this takes many years to build. It is only when the final moment arises that one learns about it.

If you are dealing with the following conditions in your daily life, you should get your liver functions tests ASAP:

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Consistent fatigue
  3. Blood in the stool
  4. Never-ending diarrhea
  5. Feeling nausea all the time

You would realize that all the symptoms mentioned above are pretty common. A lot of people deal with them daily without batting an eye at them. They consider them completely usual and don’t rush to a doctor.

As soon as you start feeling such symptoms, you should visit a lab and get the liver functions done on a priority basis.

Why Are Liver Function Tests Necessary?
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The Most Effective Effective Liver Function Tests & Screening Methods

Some of the most common and widely used liver function tests are as follows:

  1. The serum albumin test is the one that helps measure the albumin level. Albumin is a blood protein, and its quantity in the body determines the functioning of the liver. So if it’s lower than the optimum level, there is something wrong with the functioning of the liver.
  2. With the help of a serum bilirubin test, you can measure the level of bilirubin in your blood. This is because the bile excretes it once the liver produces it. Therefore, if there is an excessive amount of bilirubin in the blood, it showcases a problem in the functioning of the liver.
  3. An ALT test, also known as the Alanine transaminase test, measures the level of alanine in the blood. Alanine is basically an enzyme in the liver which goes into the blood in case of liver damage. For example, if the patient has hepatitis, it may get diagnosed through this test.
  4. A person with liver disease has high levels of 5′- nucleotidase in his blood. This is a simple test that detects a problem with the liver. The 5′-nucleotidase examination reveals a possible blockage of the bile flow, making the liver functioning deficit visible.
  5. Tumors in the liver are also quite common, which one can easily detect through CT. This screening produces fantastic liver images and showcases all the blood vessels. It sees a possible tumor conveniently and also showcases the abscesses, if any.

Take Care

A liver functioning test and screening are of utmost importance, as it helps detect possible problems with this organ. Any health issues can be solved if detected on time, leading to a healthier and longer life. These tests are pretty easy and don’t take much time to execute. However, they are significant as they clear all kinds of health queries and confusion.

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