Pancreas is a very essential organ of our body. The main function of pancreas is to produce insulin for controlling the blood sugar in our body and for producing digestive enzymes that is very useful for digesting fats and proteins. Owing to the multi-functional importance of pancreas, it is important to keep them healthy. This article discusses about how to keep pancreas healthy naturally.


How To Keep Pancreas Healthy Naturally?

In case of any kinds of damage in pancreas, then the pancreas may not be functioning properly causing partial or total dysfunction. This can further lead to various health problems including raised blood sugar levels. Over a period of time, it also increases the risk of other metabolic disorders. Hence, it is very essential to keep the pancreas in a healthy condition. So, how to keep pancreas healthy naturally? Let us understand the ways to keep the pancreas in a good state of health in a natural way.


If you have to keep your pancreas healthy naturally, it is very essential that you concentrate on your diet. It is very important that you take that type of food that is rich in protein but low in animal fat.

Foods to Eat

  • Consuming certain foods is a great way in which you can keep your pancreas healthy naturally.
  • It is seen that cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels, etc. are very beneficial for the pancreas.
  • Lemon, oregano, dandelion, garlic, tofu, etc. are also found to be very essential for keeping the pancreas healthy naturally.

Food to Avoid

The other most important thing is to know the foods to be avoided to keep the pancreas healthy naturally. For this, you need to reduce the consumption of red meat, organ meat, fried foods, dairy products, beverages, potato chips, mayonnaise, margarine and butter. Most importantly you have to avoid the consumption of alcohol.


As per the research done by U.S Department of Health and Human Services, it is found that the commonest cause of pancreatitis is drinking too much of alcohol. It is also found that approximately 5000 new cases of pancreatitis is found almost every year in the United States. Among these more than 10 percent of people have pancreatitis caused due to the excessive consumption of alcohol.

Another major cause of pancreatitis is gallbladder stone. Due to gallbladder stone, the bile duct becomes blocked and causes bile reflux. As a result, the enzymes are activated in the pancreatic duct and the patient can experience inflammation, swelling as well as pain in abdomen. This is acute pancreatitis. In many cases, when pancreatitis occurs in the upper most part of the pancreas the patient will also have jaundice and eyes and skin will become yellowish. For any of these symptoms then it is very essential that you check up with your doctor as soon as possible. Early detection and treatment will help you to get rid of pancreatitis and prevent complications.

Diet is very essential to keep the pancreas healthy naturally. Along with the diet it is seen that today’s lifestyle is also responsible for the increased number of pancreatitis. Fast food, faulty dietary habits, use of preservatives, artificial flavors, lack of adequate sleep, medications and even stress can affect the pancreas of an individual. So, it is advisable to stay away from these risk factors, which mainly include faulty food choices. As these issues are responsible for pancreatitis and cause damage to pancreas, it is important to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to keep pancreas healthy naturally. You need to concentrate on nutritious, balanced food, avoid alcohol, mage your stress and have adequate sleep at night.


Pancreas is a very essential organ of our body and it is most important to keep it healthy. Pancreatitis is caused due to several factors and one of the major causes is the consumption of alcohol and faulty diet. If you want to keep your pancreas healthy naturally it is very essential that you quit alcohol as soon as possible and plan a healthy and balanced diet. Limiting greasy, fried, high fat as well as processed food is also very important to keep your pancreas healthy. It is also very important to drink plenty of water and cut the consumption of caffeine and beverages as much as possible to keep the pancreas healthy naturally.

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