Technology has grown to such an extent that the use of computers cannot be avoided in any field. From a small grocery store to big multinational companies, the use of computers is being done for a long time now. While the use of such technology has made a number of tasks easy, it has many health effects too. One such effect is back pain while working on computer. When you sit and work on the computer for a long time without much movement, you may experience mild to severe back pain or discomfort. It is important to know the reason why you get back pain while working on computer. While medical treatment may be needed in some cases, home remedies are of great help to get rid of work related back pain.

Causes of Back Pain While Working on Computer & Home Remedies to Get Rid of it

Causes of Back Pain While Working on Computer

Sitting in the same position for long hours at work can affect the neck and back in various ways. The reason why you get back pain while working on computer is poor posture and physical inactivity.

Poor Posture

People sit in poor postures due to improper leveling of the desk and chair which can lead to development of stress in the shoulder and neck spreading to the complete back causing pain. Improper leveling of the desk and chair will make you hunch while you work on the computer. Hunching is one of the major reasons why you get back pain while working on computer.

Lack of Physical Activity

Sitting for long hours doing desk job make you inactive. This not only affects proper blood circulation but also weakens the muscles. When you move around for work or regular exercises can keep the bones and muscle strong. But while working on the computer you are seated most of the time, which affects the joints and muscles.

Physical Damage

Poor posture and continuous pressure on the spinal vertebrae can affect the spinal cord. The spinal cord is made up of vertebral columns which have a disc type structure in between them to prevent friction during movement. Continuous exposure to stress affects these discs and the surrounding tissues causing pain to trigger. Weak muscles, previous injuries or other health problems contribute to it. This is one of the commonest reason why you get back pain while working on computer.

Problems of the back and the vertebral column, degenerative conditions, etc. too cause back pain while working on the computer. Aging people may find it more uncomfortable to sit for long hours due to back pain.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Back Pain While Working on Computer

Here are some home remedies to prevent or manage back pain while working on computer.

Maintain Proper Posture

A proper sitting posture can avoid building up of stress in the neck and spine, which can greatly relieve back pain while working on computer. For a proper posture the following tips can help.

  • The positioning of the computer should be such that the eyes are directly on the screen and you need not tilt your head up or down to maintain contact with the screen.
    The next important thing is that the level of seat should be set at a level where your eyes can reach the screen of the computer as well as your hands comfortably access the keyboard almost parallel to the floor.
  • Feet should be in contact with the floor at all times. They should preferably be kept flat on the floor. The feet should not be kept hanging as it put stress on the lower back causing stress and eventually pain.

Use Proper Chairs

A comfortable office working chair which is ergonomically well designed will not only help you with your good posture but will also help you get rid of back pain while working on computer. Standard office chairs are adjustable and have foot rests which can be adjusted to a proper level with the desk and computer.

Take Breaks

Sitting for a long time while working on computer may make you hunch or shift positions. It is difficult to maintain a good posture all the time, but paying a little attention on the way you sit can go a long way in providing relief from back pain while working on the computer. Take breaks and get up from time to time to maintain good position while working on the computer. Getting up and moving every couple of hours can help you manage your back pain while working on computer. You can move on the floor for your work or do some stretches. This will help you maintain your good posture and in turn avoid any work related back pain.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise like yoga has relaxation techniques that can help relax your shoulder, neck and back muscle and is the best home remedy to get rid of back pain while working on computer. Certain specific exercises can be practiced to reduce the pain by relaxing and relieving stress in the neck, shoulder or back. If any injury has resulted in pain in your back, physiotherapy exercises can help to relieve the pain.

Massage Therapy

Another effective home remedy to get rid of work related back pain is regular massages with warm oil. Massage help relax muscles and improve blood to relieve back pain. However, massage for back pain should be done carefully by an expert and preferably only in mild cases of muscle stiffness. For medical problems affecting the back and spine, massage can be done only, if advised.

Hot or Cold Fomentation

Application of ice packs or hot fomentation or alternating them can help to relax the muscle and increase blood flow.

Back pain is mainly due to poor postures and stress in the neck and back region of the body. The best way to treat back pain is to maintain a good posture, a proper levelling of the desk and computer with your chair as well as getting up from time to time to relax your back. It is necessary to stay conscious about how long you are sitting in one position. Changing positions and staying active can help any friction in the spinal cord and it also releases any stress which may lead to back pain. Staying active helps to relax the muscles, failing which they may become stiff and eventually trigger the pain.

Avoiding the factors because of which you get back pain while working on computer will help. Additionally, try these home remedies for back pain. If relaxing of the muscle and staying active does not help with the pain, treatment consult a physician.

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Last Modified On: July 19, 2017

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  Note: Information provided is not a substitute for physician, hospital or any form of medical care. Examination and Investigation is necessary for correct diagnosis.

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