Can Transverse Myelitis Be Cured?

About Transverse Myelitis

Transverse Myelitis is a pathological condition characterized by inflammation of the spinal cord. The spinal cord forms a vital component of the central nervous system and functions by sending nerve impulses to the brain and from the brain to other parts of the body.(1) The inflammation of the spinal cord results in alteration of sensation around the trunk of the body and the lower extremities, which gives it the name as Transverse Myelitis.

There can be various causes of Transverse Myelitis to include a dysfunctional immune system, infections, and disorders which tend to destroy the myelin which is an insulating material which protects the nerve fibers. In Transverse Myelitis due to inflammation of spinal cord, there is an interruption in communication between the brain and other parts of the body as the nerves are not able to pass on the information to and from the brain.

The primary presenting features of Transverse Myelitis are pain in the lower extremities along with alteration of sensation, weakness and problems with bowel and bladder function. These symptoms may be of sudden onset or may develop over a period of time.

Transverse Myelitis is a condition which can affect any individual irrespective of the race, age, or gender. This condition is not a genetic or inherited condition and does not run in families. In majority of cases, Transverse Myelitis strikes in individuals in the age bracket of 19-40 years.

Recovering from a condition like Transverse Myelitis is quite difficult as there is no specific treatment for it. Although there have been cases where individuals have recovered from Transverse Myelitis, but it took months for them months if not years to overcome this condition. In some cases, it becomes extremely difficult for an individual to even perform daily activities as a result of Transverse Myelitis. The question that patients dealing with Transverse Myelitis ask is whether there is any cure for this condition. This article gives a brief insight as to whether there is any cure for Transverse Myelitis.

Can Transverse Myelitis Be Cured?

Can Transverse Myelitis Be Cured?

As of now, there is no cure for Transverse Myelitis.(1) The treatment given to the patients with Transverse Myelitis is purely symptomatic to prevent the condition from getting worse and preventing the patient from getting permanently disabled due to this condition.

Utilization of corticosteroids is one such treatment for Transverse Myelitis to minimize any neurological defects that arise as a result of this condition. Immunosuppressants are also used for minimizing the symptoms of Transverse Myelitis. Additionally, plasmapheresis and antiviral medications have also been used to some extent in treatment of Transverse Myelitis.

In conclusion, Transverse Myelitis is a condition which does not have a cure, but there are medications like corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, and techniques like plasmapheresis which can be employed to minimize the symptoms and make the life of the patient more comfortable which can otherwise be significantly compromised due to Transverse Myelitis.


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