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Can You Walk With A Fractured Spine?

A Fractured Spine is a condition in which the bones in the spine which are also known as vertebrae break or collapse. The primary reason behind a Fractured Spine is a forceful trauma such as during a motor vehicle crash or falling from a height on the feet or the buttocks.(1) Trauma from a stab or a gunshot wound to the spine may also result in a Fractured Spine.

There are also certain medical conditions like osteoporosis, which make the bones extremely weak and brittle, and predispose an individual to a fracture of the spine even with slightest of jerks or movements such as when coughing or sneezing. Osteoporosis is seen mainly in females who are above the age of 50.

Degeneration of the spine due to the natural aging process also predisposes an individual to a fractured spine. In some cases, certain forms of cancer like lung or breast cancer make the bones weak and increase the risk factors for a fractured spine. Such fractures are called as pathological fractures as they are caused as a result of an underlying medical condition.

If someone has a Fractured Spine then that individual will have a tough time carrying out activities of daily living or work related activities due to the pain and disability that comes along with a Fractured Spine.

Can You Walk With A Fractured Spine?

Can You Walk With A Fractured Spine?

The answer to this question is, yes, an individual can walk with a fractured spine but it will be extremely difficult for the individual to walk without aggravating the symptoms. An individual with a fractured spine will have severe pain in the back which will get worse with any attempts at sitting, standing, or doing any activities.

Walking is one such activity which will make the pain associated with fractured spine worse to such an extent that the patient will have no choice but to sit or lie down. Generally lying down and resting alleviates the symptoms of a fractured spine to some degree. Additionally, the individual will also have problems with bending, twisting, or lifting any object from the floor as a result of a fractured spine.

In conclusion, while an individual may be able to walk with a fractured spine but it will be extremely difficult as doing this activity will cause an aggravation of symptoms especially pain and cause the patient to lie down and rest.(2) Thus, it is highly recommended that an individual should no try to ambulate when diagnosed with a fractured spine.


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