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Lifestyle Changes For Brain Metastases

Brain metastases are a condition wherein the cancer which has a primary site of origin somewhere else in the body, spreads to the parts of brain. It is also known as secondary brain tumor.[1]

Lifestyle Changes For Brain Metastases

Lifestyle Changes For Brain Metastases

Some brain tumors may not be as problematic as others. Some may not cause any issues while others may make performing day to day tasks very difficult. Certain lifestyle changes may benefit you in terms of controlling these things.

Thinking And Behavioral Problems. The process of thinking involves memory, intelligence and understanding. Brain is the organ that does this work. As a result of the tumor, the brain may not be able to perform these activities as it should, and these things can start getting worse over time. People experience changes in how they feel, think or even act. It is essential to talk to those people who are very close to you and tell them about your feelings or discuss about your brain metastases. This lifestyle change will help you in avoiding any misunderstandings and will help you tackle the problems arising with these changes in a more compatible way.

Problems With Movement And Co-Ordination. Depending upon what part of your brain is affected, you may or may not experience brain metastases symptoms like difficulty in using your hands, legs or eyes. Some acts like using scissors, knife, or other machines or tools can be particularly dangerous if you suffer from any such symptoms. It is best to avoid these acts for a while and get yourself the help from a therapist, who can guide you in how you can do these tasks efficiently without hurting yourself or others.

Some Precautions. Brain metastases can cause several different symptoms, which may include seizures. It can be dangerous to be on road driving, sometimes walking even; if seizures are one of your symptoms. It is better to avoid driving or walking on the roads alone for a few days till you can manage your symptoms with the help of therapy or treatment.

Get Support. Knowing that you suffer from brain metastases can be very hard to digest. Not only the condition itself, but also the various treatments and the side.effects that are associated with these treatments are a matter of serious concern for many. It is seen that those who seek support or take help from their loved ones when needed, can have a better emotional state and can cope better, compared to those who choose to shut themselves up. Also, there are support groups, which may have persons that are affected by your type of cancer. It is good lifestyle change to talk to people with similar issues and arrive at a common point, whether it is related to the condition itself or the treatment that you are receiving.

Relax. Adding meditation and yoga to your schedule is a good lifestyle change for brain metastases. Stress messes with everything and brain metastases are not an exception. It is best to discuss your condition with someone who is close to you. You can also try other stress. relieving methods like meditation, deep breathing, some light exercises etc., of course you must not stress too much in terms of physical activity either, but a mild level of activity can actually be beneficial for your overall health. Consult your doctor prior to starting any exercises though.

Eat Well. Whatever the stage of your brain metastases, it is essential to keep taking a balanced and a nutritious diet. Your body is spending too much of its precious energy in fighting off those cancer cells. It needs to be duly replenished, so that it can continue its fight. Never underestimate the power of a good and balanced diet. It is essential that you keep up with your nutrition as well as fluid requirements. Dehydration can cause problems too.

Brain metastases can be treatable and controllable if diagnosed and treated early. However, certain lifestyle changes can give you a better chance of survival and improve the overall prognosis of your condition.[2]


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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