Breast Pain While Running: Right Sports Bra Can Prevent Pain in the Breast in Runners

“The obsession with running is an obsession with the potential for more and more life.” Women who are into running or who have been benefited by running, it is a definite fact they can never take a back step with their running pair of shoes. Yes! Running is exciting for it gets you a chance to live more. But going deep into this, when we talk about running injuries we can list down one of the most common form of pain occurring in women runner is the breast pain. When asked in a survey it was found that about 32% of the women who ran London Marathon during the year 2012 suffered from breast pain. Are you one such women who loves running, but meets with the problem of severe breast pain? Do you want to know about the essential ways to tackle breast pain with running? A simple thing to give highest priority is your sports bra. This article focuses primarily on the importance of the right pair of sports bra for preventing breast pain while running. Let us have a read on it.

Breast Pain While Running

What Happens To The Breast While Running?

Breast tissues are supported with the ligaments called the Cooper ligaments. Apart from this, there is no other support to the soft tissues of the breasts. It is studied that while running the uncontained breasts oscillates up to about 8 inches. The oscillation is not only confined to up and down but also to left and right and front and back.

Right Sports Bra Can Prevent Pain in the Breast in Runners

It is known that breast tissues move in 8 patterns while running and the Cooper ligaments cannot alone withstand all the forces exerted on it. So, it is definite a right pair of sports bra is highly essential that externally supports the breasts while running or exercising. Now you are wearing sports bra and still have the complaints of breast pain while running? Almost all sports women wear sports bra. But what is more important it the right size you are wearing? It is known that about 8 out of 10 women wear wrong size bras. Here lies the trouble. Apart from the right size, it is also about the expert quality and comfort gifting sports bra which must be laid emphasis while running.

Points to Consider in the Sports Bra to Prevent Breast Pain While Running or Exercising:

Now here comes the point of considerations to be kept in mind about the sports bra for running.

  1. Look for the Band of the Sports Bra: Make sure the band of your bra is comfortable and not too much tight. It must also be checked your band is not causing chafing. The breasts get absolute support here from the bra band. So it must provide you the best of fit and must be cozy enough to wear while running or exercising.
  2. Consider the Cup: “A total support comes when there is a 100% hold!” Breast tissues must be contained and not be spitting out from the side. Your bra cup must be fit enough to hold your breasts completely and provide absolute support so as to avoid getting breast pain while running.
  3. Check on the Straps: Keep it noted, “Majority of the support must come from the bra band and the cup, not from the straps.” Check on the point that the straps are not tight and not digging your shoulders.
  4. Look at the Underwire: In case the bra has underwire check to see if it is digging in the breast tissues. Make sure the underwire rightly sits on the rib cage.
  5. Check the Bra Front: The bra front should be flat against the skin without any gap in between which would cause chafing and improper fit of the bra.

Other Essential Tips to Avoid Breast Pain While Running:

Now, apart from the properly fitting sports bra some other essential tips for women runners to follow while running so as to keep away from the breast pain include the following:

  • Some diets like high fat containing diet, excess of caffeine etc can contribute to pain in the breast or result in tenderness of the breast. So it is essential to keep your diet healthy and avoid the inflammatory diet.
  • Take enough of fresh fruits and vegetables that can help you reduce inflammation associated with breast pain.
  • Make sure you are testing your bra before purchasing. Do some star jumps in the trial room which causes the breast movements similar to that caused while running. This will give you an idea how comfortable your bra is and how well can it support your breast tissues while running.
  • It is not just during running or exercising. But keep a note to wear properly fitting bras all round the day. It is true, all types of normal activities done at home, done at work or anywhere else holds any kind of breast movement. This can also cause or enhance breast pain. So along with the sports bra, attention must be given to regular bras even.
  • Never stop running or exercising. It might sound something strange. But yes! Avoiding your exercise because of the breast pain is absolutely not a wise act. Keep your run for it will provide you benefit in fighting from the breast pain in a long run. You can take the over-the-counter medicines for pain relief in case there is severe pain in the pain with running. But keep the track on!

Run your Miles with Smile:

“You have long miles to go and you cannot take your steps forward if something inside you is getting you the limitations.” Make sure you are not holding any kind of breast pain while running which can keep you restricted and you cannot put the best of your effort while running. Keep a strong note to wear the right size and properly fitting sports bra and follow the essential steps to keep away from breast pain due to the breast tissue movements while running.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:February 22, 2019

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