Is There A Diet For Mammary Duct Ectasia?

Mammary duct ectasia is a disease that is often seen in women who are near to a menopause or are already in a menopause stage. This happens because as a natural process of aging, the lactiferous or milk ducts below the nipple get widened and shortened. Due to this, there is a collection of fluid in the ducts leading to an obstruction in the ducts. As a result, the nipple and areola of the affected breast get sore. There is a discomfort which may be accompanied with a discharge and sometimes pain too, though the pain factor is uncommon. It is a non-cancerous condition and it does not increase your chances of getting a breast cancer in the future.

Is There A Diet For Mammary Duct Ectasia?

Is There A Diet For Mammary Duct Ectasia?

There is no chalked-out or a fixed diet for mammary duct ectasia. However, one can imagine that as it is a disease of the breast, it is in general advisable to eat a diet that will improve the health of the breasts. Also, as it is a disease occurring in the pre or post-menopausal woman, a diet that is suitable for menopausal woman and in general for healthy breasts may be considered good for mammary duct ectasia too.

Some key points to be remembered are-

Stay Hydrated

  • Hydration is the key when it comes to the breast health.
  • Drink enough fluids throughout the day, but do not skip on precious water.
  • Always remember, however healthy something is, it can never replace water.
  • It is a good thumb rule to make it a habit to drink water at least the half of your weight in ounces. Hence if you weigh 160 pounds, you should be drinking 80 ounces of water in a day.
  • Water encourages the elimination of toxins and thus helps in maintaining a generally healthy body as well as healthy breasts
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to provide you with those much-needed anti-oxidants that fight the free radicals which are responsible for causing cancers and breast cancer is not an exception
  • Taking some nutritional supplements may help in keeping the required balance of nutrients
  • Loss of vital nutrients can lead to different health problems including breast problems
  • A good supplement can be started on recommendation of a physician or a gynecologist
  • A diet high in whole grains can take care of many problems in our body
  • It will provide the. good carbs and the required fiber, which is very essential for a healthy body, including your breasts.
  • Folic acid is generally essential for the gynecological health of a woman and it includes the breasts too
  • Healthy fats are what are needed to keep your body functioning in those years of menopause
  • Choose on nuts and seeds like walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds etc.

When we consider what to eat in a diet, we must also consider what not to eat:

  • Stay away from smoking. It is a potential risk factor for getting affected by mammary duct ectasia. Also, it increases the risk of recurrent infection of the mammary ducts. If a treatment is already in progress for this condition, smoking will keep making it difficult to treat the condition by interfering with the treatment
  • It is advisable to stop drinking alcohol as well. Alcohol can make you drink less and less water, thereby making you dehydrated and thus creating many health problems, including those of the breast. A breast healthy diet and lifestyle should have no place for alcohol in it
  • Stay away from oily, spicy foods, packaged and processed foods, too much caffeine etc. All these leave you with a risk of getting various diseases.

There is no special or a chalked -out diet for mammary duct ectasia. But, adopting a generally healthy diet and a diet according to the menopausal changes can help in maintaining the health of your breasts as well.

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