What is a Gummy Bear Breast Implant?

The gummy bear breast implants are a form of silicone implants which are highly cohesive in nature. Gummy bear breast implants are also described as “form-stable”. They are so cohesive in nature that even when they are cut or squeezed, the gel stays in place. This is why they are specially named as the gummy bear breast implants.

What is a Gummy Bear Breast Implant?

Nevertheless, is it soft and pliable and are not seen to spill out.

Are Gummy Bear Breast Implants Advantageous Than Other Forms Of Breast Implants?

Gummy bear breast implants may prove to be advantageous than other forms of implants because of its cohesiveness. These implants prove to be firmer than other implants. They show less of the rippling, even under the thin skin. Another advantage of these implants is that they do not leak out in case it ruptures. Other forms of implants tend to leak which becomes messy.

Why is it Important to Go for Regular Scans after a Gummy Bear Implant?

In order to go for gummy bear breast implants, the patient should be ready for proper follow-ups and MRI scans at regular intervals. This is because the damage of a gummy bear implant may not be detected easily. In case the gummy bear implant ruptures the gel does not really leak in the body because of its cohesive nature. Thus, it is seen that the damage that occurs does not have any symptom for proper detection. The implant usually continues to look and feel the same. Medically, this procedure is called the silent rupture. Thus, the only way to understand the presence of the damage is by undergoing the MRI scan.

What is the Main Disadvantage of Undergoing a Gummy Bear Breast Implant?

The gummy bear breast implant may be advantageous over other implants for many reasons. However, the surgeon has to be very careful during its surgery. This is because the gummy bear implants are heavily contoured due to the cohesiveness. Thus, even if the implant rotates a small amount, there might be an asymmetry. In such a case of asymmetry the surgery has to be redone.

What Should The Patient Expect After The Gummy Bear Breast Implant Surgery?

Once the gummy bear breast implant surgery is done, the patient has to take care for proper recovery. The patient should remember certain points in order to go for a gummy bear breast implant surgery-

Additional Support: The recovery after the surgery has to be monitored. It is important to wrap the breast implants with a surgical bra or gauze.

Pain: The patient may have some form of pain following the operation along with swelling and tenderness. The patient should expect this to stay for a month or so.

Medicines: In case the patient feels nauseated and pain the doctor may prescribe medications. In case the patient finds bleeding from the implants, it should be immediately informed to the surgeon.

Special Bra: During the healing process, the patient may have to wear a post-operative bra for additional support.

When Can The Patient Return To Normal Life After The Gummy Bear Breast Implant Surgery?

The patient may be able to return to work and daily life within a period of two weeks after the gummy bear breast implant surgery. However, the doctor may ask the patient to refrain from any form of strenuous activity till the doctor says. It should be remembered that even after the recovery, the patient should visit the doctor for proper follow-ups for gummy bear breast implant. In case the doctor asks to go for MRI scans and mammograms it should not be missed. In this way any form of rupture may be detected. The follow ups and checkups are as important as the surgery, and thus they should not be avoided in order to lead a normal life.

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