How Long Does it Take to Cure ED?

The reason behind the occurrence of ED or erectile dysfunction in males is due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Due to this, inappropriate secretion occurs which it makes difficult for any man to participate actively during the lovemaking session. The reason for the occurrence of the illness could also be due to physical or psychological explanations. Cure for ED or erectile dysfunction is possible if one accepts the problem and consults the doctor.

How Long Does it Take to Cure ED?

How Long Does it Take to Cure ED?

The length of curing period for ED or erectile dysfunction depends on the cause of the issue. ED or erectile dysfunction occurs in two prominent ways. Firstly, the individual experiences no stiffness in the reproductive system under any appropriate circumstance even after sufficient arousal period. Secondly, the male can achieve erection on arousal but is unable to penetrate into a woman. The person loses the stiffness, which is of immense importance to continue the activity of lovemaking.

  1. Cure for ED Caused Due to Psychological Disorder

    ED or erectile dysfunction need not remain as a permanent status for any male. Curing it is possible by identifying the reason and approaching it with the right treatment. If a man is suffering from psychological reasons, then it is possible to cure ED or erectile dysfunction by contacting a consultant who would resolve the situation using methods that help in improving the mindset and gain control over the body. Many people show positive result as soon as they start receiving the treatment. However, for a few, it may take some time to show the results.

    Anxiety, performance disorder, stress, fear, pregnancy, daily activities, and childhood trauma are responsible for causing ED or erectile dysfunction that is making it difficult for an individual to achieve a satisfactory erection and participate actively in sexual life.

  2. Cure for ED Caused Due to Physical Reasons

    Physical causes of ED or erectile dysfunction include bad habits, cardiovascular problems, weakness, injuries, respiratory disorders, surgeries, and side effects of medicines. All these are some of the commonly found entities that make it difficult for an individual to participate actively in sex. All it requires for the individual is to find the actual cause behind the reason and treat it with the appropriate treatment. In physical cases, reaching out to the excellent doctor is advisable to identify the underlying cause. In some cases, addressing the problem continues for a prolonged period in comparison to others due to the gravity of the problem. Nonetheless, staying active and following the treatment will be of immense help to cure ED or erectile dysfunction.

  3. Curing ED Caused Due to Hormonal Imbalances

    By treating hormonal imbalances the doctors’ can cure ED. If the ED or erectile dysfunction occurrence is due to hormonal imbalance in the body, it is necessary to understand whether the hormones are increasing the excitement or decreasing it to the minimum. In both the cases, it makes it difficult for the person to achieve arousal and maintain erection. They also have the tendency to make the individual feel tired very soon as soon as he begins to participate in intercourse. With the right intake of medicines, it is possible to create a balance that will help in maintaining erection for a healthy period to enjoy lovemaking session.

    Regular exercises, breathing exercises, meditation, and a proper diet control along with the needed rest are helpful in overcoming ED or erectile dysfunction. Rather than taking the occurrence as a negative factor, treating it with a positive mind is important to master it within a short time. As it can occur to anyone, there is no need to feel shy when a person accumulates ED or erectile dysfunction. All he has to do is find a doctor and speak comfortably with an open mind to find the cause of the obstacle. The support provided by the physician along with the treatment will not take a long time to cure the illness.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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