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Different Types of Surgical Facelift

Facelift surgery, medically termed as rhytidectomy, is the cosmetic surgery done to decrease the signs of ageing that appear on the face. The prime focus of this surgery is to treat the telltale signs of aging and to enhance the overall look of your jaw line and face. This surgical procedure has the potential to reverse the effects of ageing, exposure to elements and stress. It is important to know the different types of surgical facelifts to be able to take the right decision.

Facelift surgeries are conducted under the supervision of certified and highly qualified plastic surgeons. The surgery involves lifting and tightening of underlying facial muscles so as to offer pleasing and beautiful contours and appearance, while rejuvenating the facial structure.

With advancement in technology, different types of surgical treatment options are available today in medical science that can help patients to achieve more youthful appearance, apart from other traditional

Different Types of Surgical Facelifts

Different Types of Surgical Facelifts

Today, there are different types of surgical facelift options, which vary depending on the need, the area to be treated, the type of procedure and the degree of invasion. To know the best and suitable type of surgical facelift for you, it is important to discuss and understand about the different types of surgical facelifts available today. The type of facelift surgery suitable for you greatly depends on your needs and the area you want to improve. So, it is essential for you to discuss with your surgeon to know about the most suitable of all the different types of surgical facelifts.

Mid Facelift

With aging, the soft tissues from around the cheekbones start sagging, resulting in nasolabial folds. These folds can make the mid face region appear flattened, which may not be appreciated by many women. This type of surgical facelift is often preferred by middle aged people, who wish to have a fresh, rejuvenated look. People having saggy cheeks or if their nasolabial area has skin folds or sagginess, they may undergo this type of surgical facelift.

The main advantage of this type of surgical facelift is that it helps to lift the sagging cheeks, gives a more rounded appearance to the cheeks making it look younger and a remarkable improvement in nose to mouth lines.

Deep Plane Facelift or SMAS Lift

Deep plane facelift, also known as SMAS lift, has great long lasting benefits and the results can last for around 15 years. This type of surgical facelift is conducted at the deeper tissue layers and muscles of your skin to improve the sagging skin. This type of surgical facelift is preferred by aging people who often experience laxity and sagging of skin in this area. Smokers too may prefer this type of surgical facelift. The SMAS lift help to enhance the mouth to nose lines. After this surgical procedure you can expect to have a defined chin and jaw line.

The recovery and cost of the surgical procedure depends on the exact type of deep plane surgical facelift, the methods used and the revision rates.

Thread Lift

Thread lift is also popularly termed as feather lift and is a less invasive surgical facelift as compared to the other different types of surgical facelifts. With aging, the area around the eye and the lips begins to sag. This type of surgical facelift is preferred by middle aged people, willing to treat laxity or sagging in eye area and nasolabial folds.

Some minor complications like visible lumps, threads, etc. may be experienced in some cases but some surgeons prefer doing it in combination with other facelift surgeries. The thread lift usually offers results that last for five years.

Mini Facelift or ‘S’ Lift or Short Scar Facelift

Mini facelift surgery is the less invasive and temporary type of surgical facelift. Being a temporary solution for facial ageing it usually involves faster recovery time. This surgery is also popularly called as ‘S’ lift because of its type and the shape of incision used.

These are some of the commonest types of surgical facelifts, while many other variants and combination of different types of surgical facelifts may also be useful, if found appropriate by the surgeon. Surgical facelifts can also be managed with endoscopic methods, which may have varying results and are considered, if found appropriate. Some options of stem-cell facelifts are also available, but they need more research.


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