What Causes Lumps on Scalp and Natural Remedies to Get Rid of It

How often we get a chance to notice how exactly our scalp look like? In fact one hardly can do it if he or she has not been shaved hair clean off or been bald. So, it is obvious there are more chances that natural lumps or bumps like the moles on the scalp might not have come in to our general notice. However, sometimes we come across certain lumps on our scalp which can worry us for not being much familiar with the scalp. Though not harmful at most of the times, there are some conditions which cause lumps in the scalp and must be taken care of. In this article we will take a look on some of the causes, symptoms and special treatment procedures for the lumps on scalp.

Lump on Scalp

Symptoms of Lumps on Scalp:

The symptoms of lumps on scalp caused due to various reasons can be noted down as below.

  • Usually lumps on scalp are round or oval in shape which are most of the time harmless
  • There are lumps which can be painful and can be a reason to worry about.
  • Lumps on scalp caused due to Seborrheic keratoses are usually colorless or dark brown in color and like any other lump, are round or oval in shape. However, they can change their color and shape or become irregular in shape if irritated.
  • Lumps on skin caused due to the common warts occur in the form of hard clusters or bumps on the scalp.
  • There are certain conditions which causes the lumps on the scalp which grow as small lesions on the scalp and grow by their size as a person reaches puberty and adolescent.
  • Lumps or bumps caused due to skin lice can be itchy and turn red.
  • Certain lumps of the scalp can also spread over to the neck or upper back.

What Causes Lumps on Scalp?

Round, raised areas on the scalp which are mostly harmless and known as lumps can occur due to various conditions. So, determining the best possible treatment for a lump on scalp depends primarily on the underlying cause. Let us know about some of the causes when there can be an occurrence of lumps on scalp.

  1. Pilar Cysts: Pilar cysts are the cysts which emerge as a round lump on the scalp and are mostly painless which can range from a pea size to a size of a small apple. These are actually harmless and are formed by collection of oil and dead skin cells under the top layer of the scalp. It is essential to remove these cysts or the lumps on the scalp as they can weaken the hair follicles and cause falling of hair on a temporary basis. Such kind of cysts or the lumps on scalp are mostly common in females and are also hereditary.
  2. Moles: Moles are also known as Nevi and like any other part, can also grow on the scalp. Lumps on the scalp or the moles can be removed by cosmetic procedures. They are harmless and painless.
  3. Common Warts: One of the common skin problems is the Warts which are seen in the skin including the scalp. HPV or Human Papiloma Virus is the most common agent to bring the common warts on the scalp. Usually an injury brings the HPV virus inside and then grows out as an outgrowth or a cluster or a lump over the skin. It must be noted that lumps on scalp due to Common warts are not dangerous and can be removed in a doctor’s office.
  4. Seborrheic Keratoses: One more kind of lump grows on the scalp known as Seborrheic Kertoses which are similar to the common warts in their appearance. They are hereditary in nature. Usually they are colorless or dark brown in color and round or oval in shape; however may change their color and shape if irritated. They can be removed if become itchy and uncomfortable.
  5. Nevus Sebaceous of Jadhaason: There is another condition known as Nevus Sebaceous of Jadhaason where there occurs yellow patch during the infancy which further grows to lumps or bumps at times of puberty and adolescent.
  6. Cancerous Growths on Scalp: Sun exposure can cause cancerous growths on the skin including the scalp. These growths or the lumps on the scalp are mostly grown in bald men. It is essential to have an early detection of cancerous growth on scalp which is done by an expert dermatologist.
  7. Acne or Pimples on Scalp: There are also the occurrence of pimple and acne on the scalp which can be categorized under the lumps on scalp.

Treatments for Lumps on Scalp:

Medical Treatments:

Once the doctor examines your scalp closely, he or she would know about the condition or may perform some tests to determine the underlying cause of the lumps on your scalp. Accordingly you will be advised for taking the treatments. Some of the medical treatments for lumps and the bumps on scalp include:

  1. Surgical Removal of the Lumps on Scalp: Surgery is essential to remove the large or the infected lumps, bumps or the cysts on the scalp, especially caused due to the common warts. The surgical removal of the lumps from the scalp are done usually by removing them with electro surgery with the help of a needle that sends an electrical charge through the wart or the lump on the scalp and thus vaporizing the growth in an order that the hardened tissue can be scraped off. It must be noted that lumps due to common wart can get painful conditions while removing them surgically, but the pain is only short lived. Surgical removal of the lumps on scalp due to other conditions is also done by an expert dermatologist after proper diagnosis.
  2. Treatment of Lumps on Scalp via Liquid Nitrogen: Lumps on the scalp are also treated by freezing their growth with liquid nitrogen which flattens the growth or the lump. This type of treatment is also known as Cryotherapy.
  3. Medications Used for Treating Lumps on Scalp: There are some medications like Malathion and Lindane which can be used in the treatment procedure for getting rid of the symptoms of lumps on scalp caused due to various reasons. The lumps caused due to skin cancer on the scalp can also be treated by using the injections of cancer drug directly in to the cancerous growth on the scalp.
  4. Other Medical Treatments for Lumps on Scalp: Among other treatments for lumps on scalp, includes the light therapy which may aid in clearing some of the lumps caused due to skin problems like that of psoriasis.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Lumps on Scalp:

There are people who prefer natural remedies over the medical treatments, especially for getting rid of such lumps on the scalp. Below are some of the essential natural treatments for lumps on scalp caused due to various conditions.

  1. Apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy to get rid of lumps on scalp: Apple cider vinegar can be a simple and inexpensive natural treatment for lumps on scalp. This is a vinegar made from fermented apple cider. Apple cider vinegar, also known as ACV acts as astringent and helps in restoring the normal pH of the scalp and thus aids in treating various kinds on lumps or the bumps on the scalp. Being free from any addictive or chemical, one need not worry about using Apple cider vinegar, as it hardly causes any side effects. However, do note that an overuse of Apple cider vinegar can be harmful as they can increase the pH level and cause conditions of balding.
  2. Treating Lumps on Scalp Naturally with Nutmeg Powder: Lumps on the scalp, especially the pimples which are caused due to infection can be treated naturally by Nutmeg powder. You need to take a nutmeg and grind it to get the powder and then add four tablespoons of milk to the grinded powder so as to make a paste for applying on the scalp. Rinsing the head after one hour is essential.
  3. Neem and Heena as Natural Remedy to get Rid of Lumps on Scalp: Neem leaves can be boiled and grinded to make paste for applying on the scalp in order to get rid of the pimples on scalp and other lumps caused due to infection on the scalp. The antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties on Neem helps in treating the scalp problems like the lumps on scalp. Heena is also antiseptic in its property and thus can be used to treat scalp lumps, especially the acne caused due to infection.
  4. Essential Oils to Treat Lumps on Scalp Naturally: Lavender oil, tea tree oil etc are some of the essential oils used to get rid of the lumps like the acne or pimples on the scalp. Because of the fact that tea tree oil comprises of certain antibacterial properties, it is beneficial in fighting with the causes that grows lumps, bumps like the acne on the scalp. Massaging the scalp with tea tree oil along with olive oil and rinsing the head after an hour is effective. Lavender oil can be mixed with the tea tree oil and the olive oil for better results in treating the lumps on scalp, especially those scalp pimples which can be itchy and irritating.
  5. Lemon and tomato for treating lumps on scalp: Massaging the scalp with lemon juice or ripe tomato juice can also be an effective natural home remedy for treating lumps on scalp, like the acnes and pimples.

Special Tips to Prevent Lumps on Scalp:

Follow the below tips to prevent from the lumps on scalp, especially those caused due to infections and those which can be itchy and irritating.

  • Avoid greasy hair products.
  • Make sure you are rinsing your scalp properly in order to keep it clean and free from dead skin cells or the substances which can cause skin problems in the scalp
  • Try to use sulphur based hair products, like the lotions or the soaps which help you a safe from the acne lumps on the scalp.
  • Make sure you reach a dermatologist in case you notice any lump on the scalp which can be a concern.


Now that we are known to some of the common causes for the lumps on scalp and also about some of the specific treatments for the same; it is essential that one must talk to an expert dermatologist in case of any occurrence of the scalp lump that might be irritating or concerning you. An early diagnosis and appropriate treatment is essential for certain lumps on scalp, like those of the cancerous growths on the scalp.

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