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How Long Are You Contagious With Laryngitis?

Laryngitis refers to the larynx inflammation i.e. the voice box containing vocal cords. In this type of voice-related problem, vocal cords responsible to make sounds suffer from inflammation and swell, which lead to change in individual’s voice and thereby, causes hoarse, low-volume and raspy sound or anything else that other people may hear hardly what the patient speaks. Laryngitis problem may be of both acute and chronic, even though most of the cases are of acute type without causing any serious problem, while it takes place because of both noninfectious and infectious reasons.

Whether Laryngitis is Contagious or Not?

Viral infection lasting for 1 week or 2 weeks period is the prime cause of the problem of laryngitis. Other major causes associated with the problem are activities intend to over usage of larynx, such as shouting for a long time, singing in a relatively louder voice or exposure of an individual to any irritant. Along with this, laryngitis may take place because of throat cancer or any other similar type of severe health condition in individuals.

Viruses responsible to cause the problem are relatively less contagious. A majority of research studies have revealed that contagious time frame associated with laryngitis takes place when the infected individual suffers from fever. Besides this, fungal and bacterial infections are rare reasons to cause laryngitis and both of them are of contagious potentially. Other than this, non-contagious causes of laryngitis include-

-Mechanical over usage of vocal cords/larynx, like for instance shouting, strenuous singing, speaking in a louder voice and similar others.

-Exposure to pollutants, especially chemical irritants.

-Underlying health/medical problems, including the problem of throat cancer.

How Long Are You Contagious With Laryngitis?

How Long Are You Contagious With Laryngitis?

Inflammation lasts for 1 week or 10 days. Viral laryngitis categorizes under contagious type of laryngitis remains in worse condition for about 2 days or 3 days. However, later on, it eases and overcomes often within one week. However, you may deal with the problem of croaky voice for a period of 1 week or 10 days even when related symptoms go away. Reason for this is that vocal cords’ inflammation requires some time to settle after the infected virus goes away.

One of the best ways to deal with viral laryngitis, especially when you suffer from fever or varieties of upper respiratory problems, like for instance running nose, you should necessary precautions related to overcoming contagious laryngitis problem. In contrast, if the situation becomes worse, you should consult with your doctor.

When Is The Doctors’ Appointment Essential?

You should immediately schedule your appointment with the doctor in case you deal with any or all of the problems/complications-

-Symptoms related to laryngitis become severe or anything different take place from the aforementioned ones

-Breathing shortness or difficulty in breathing

-Fever/high temperature, which never settles even after 2 or 3 days period

-Continuation in the voice change i.e. hoarse voice even after a period of three weeks

-Swelling in the neck glands, which continue even after 3 weeks of your infection

-Swelled neck glands without any symptom related to viral infection

-Formation of unusual lump in the neck

-Voice loss or hoarseness when you recently underwent with neck surgery


In conclusion, we should say that the period, for which contagious type of laryngitis remain in individuals depend on the extent of infections and/or vocal cords inflammation and care/precautions taken by patients. This means, if an individual undergoes with proper diagnose, treatment and precaution in a timely manner, one would overcome from contagious laryngitis in the less possible span of time, like for instance 1 week or 10 days.


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