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How Long Does Laryngitis Last & How To Get Rid Of It Quickly?

The occurrence of laryngitis is due to infection or strain on the larynx – the voice box. The other reasons for the occurrence of laryngitis include bacterial infection and irritation. Due to this, the swollen voice chord leads to harsh sounding voice, and in some cases causes’ inability to speak.

How Long Does Laryngitis Last?

How Long Does Laryngitis Last?

On many occasions, laryngitis lasts for a week after which the affected person will feel comfortable. In order to improve the healing process of laryngitis, there are several ways through which one can find relief. Only in severe cases of laryngitis does the patient require medical attention, which is due to throat infection.

How to Get Rid Of Laryngitis Quickly?

The quickest route to get rid of laryngitis is by using the following methods:

  • In many cases, continuous speaking causes laryngitis due to the strain on the voice box. Providing rest to the voice box is an excellent way to get rid of laryngitis faster.
  • Keeping the mucus membranes will prevent the occurrence of laryngitis. Avoiding carbonated water is advisable, as they trigger the coughing spell that increases inflammation.
  • Gargling with an antiseptic solution is a great way to speed up the healing process and getting rid of laryngitis. You can prepare the sterile solution using a half teaspoon of salt in warm water.
  • Breathing moist air is also helpful in reducing laryngitis. Opt for a humidifier or hang a wet towel to produce the required humidity in the room.
  • Keeping away from throat irritants such as aerated drinks, alcohol, and cigarettes is a great way to prevent the occurrence of laryngitis.

When to Seek Medical Attention for Laryngitis?

Seeking medical care for laryngitis is only helpful when the situation is out of control, which usually happens when the person is suffering from a throat infection. If the above remedies are unsuccessful, reach out to a doctor who would help you in getting rid of laryngitis.

Apart from severe throat pain and swollen mucus membranes, other symptoms of laryngitis include fever and malaise. However, as antibiotics attack only the bacteria, the doctor will collect a sample using a swab to determine the occurrence of infection as viral, bacterial, or fungal.

If the cause of laryngitis is due to bacteria, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics for two weeks. If the occurrence is due to fungal or viral, and the patient is a smoker, the doctor will refer to an ENT physician. The doctor will then carry out laryngoscopy to view the back of the throat. The doctor will then prescribe the required course of action to cure laryngitis.

Treatment for Underlying Conditions Causing Laryngitis

If none of the above recovery procedures are helpful in getting rid of laryngitis quickly, then the reason is a different underlying condition. For example, people suffering from gastro esophageal reflux disease throws up acid through the esophagus until the throat, causing inflammation and stress on the larynx. In such cases, choosing treatment for curing gastro esophageal reflects disease will be helpful in getting a quick relief from laryngitis, apart from curing the underlying condition.

Laryngitis is a common occurrence and easily curable, you can opt for the best method according to the seriousness to get rid of it quickly. However, if the condition stays for more than two weeks and you are a smoker/alcoholic, then seeking medical attention is preferable. Even after the treatment, if you face the symptoms and signs of laryngitis, then the cause of it is due to a different underlying agent. Talking to a doctor in such cases is helpful in identifying it and preparing the course of action that will cure both the underlying condition and laryngitis at the same time.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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