Stuttering Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Home Remedies

What is Stuttering Disorder?

Stuttering Disorder also knows as stammering is a speech disorder in which an individual has difficulty speaking clearly and finds it difficult to pronounce certain syllables which makes it tough for the other person to understand what that individual is trying to explain. Stuttering of speech is quite common and can happen to any person in case if an individual is trying to speak faster, or is nervous or is under stress. When stuttering becomes persistent to such an extent that the individual is not able to speak clearly even normally then that is termed as a Stuttering Disorder.

Stuttering Disorder is not a complex disease condition which needs aggressive treatment and therapy. This condition can be treated easily and in most of the cases it resolves on its own. Stuttering Disorder is seen mostly in children below the age of 10 years old and they usually outgrow them by the time they are in their teens. In some rare cases, Stuttering Disorder may continue even into adulthood and in such cases it may require treatment in the form of speech therapy in which they are taught how to pronounce words that they find difficult to pronounce and also give them assurance that there is nothing wrong with them and give them confidence to face the outside world.

What is Stuttering Disorder?

What are the Causes of Stuttering Disorder?

There may be numerous causes for Stuttering Disorder. A structural abnormality in the form of an obstruction in speech organs can be one of the reasons for the individual stuttering and stammering while speaking. A reduction in tongue mobility is also one of the causes of Stuttering Disorder. A family history of Stuttering Disorder also plays a role in the child developing this condition. Any sort of inferiority complex for any reason may give rise to Stuttering Disorder. Anxiety and stress also play a role in an individual stuttering and stammering while speaking. The above mentioned are all hypothetical causes for a Stuttering Disorder although no clear cut etiology has ever been found for Stuttering Disorder. Some researchers also believe a lack of muscle control is a probable etiology for Stuttering Disorder although it is not confirmed.

What are the Symptoms of Stuttering Disorder?

Stuttering Disorder begins with children finding it difficult to pronounce certain common letters of the English Alphabets which may be the letters “b”, “d”, “k”, “g”, or “p” and “t”. Whenever a child has to speak with words beginning with these letters then he or she finds it tough to pronounce that word. The child may try his or her best to speak out that word but it just does not come out the way it should and when doing so it may result in abnormal movement of the jaw and rapid blinking of the eyes. This may result in the confidence of the child going down to a significant degree. It may also cause a child to become depressed and not venture out and be friendly with peers as he or she may think that they have some abnormality which their peers do not have.

What are some of the Common Treatment Options for Stuttering Disorder?

As stated, Stuttering Disorder is not a complicated disease condition and certain home remedies can go a long way in treating Stuttering Disorder in a child. Some of the home remedies to treat Stuttering Disorder are:

  1. Speaking Vowels Loudly to Get Rid of Stuttering Disorder: For a child suffering from Stuttering Disorder, it is very difficult to pronounce vowels. Hence the first step towards treatment is to ask the child to try to speak the vowels as loudly as possible. You can make the child stand in front of the mirror and ask the child to practice speaking out letters that the child finds it difficult to pronounce. Consistently doing so would help the child cope up with the problem and in some time the child will have no difficulty in pronouncing words that are tough for them. You can also ask the child to speak slowly as speed also sometimes leads to Stuttering. This mode of treatment may look slow and lengthy but is a good exercise if done diligently for Stuttering Disorder.
  2. Muslin Cloth: This is another mode of treatment for Stuttering Disorder. For this, you can pull the tongue of the child gently with a muslin cloth and jerk it slightly for a few seconds. Repeat this about three to four times a day and within no time you will see improvement in speech of the child.
  3. Tongue Exercises for Stuttering Disorders: Tongue exercises are also an effective means of improving the speech of a child with Stuttering Disorder. This exercise can be done by asking the child to try to touch the chin with tongue and pull out the tongue as much as possible. The child can also try to touch the upper mouth with the tongue when the mouth is fully open. This exercise stretches the tongue muscle and helps in overcoming the problems with stuttering and gets rid of Stuttering Disorder.
  4. Breathing Exercises for Stuttering Disorder: Breathing Exercises are usually done to get relief from anxiety or tense situations or when you are feeling nervous about anything. These exercises also help children get over the nervousness about their speech pattern and get rid of Stuttering Disorder.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stuttering Disorder

There are also certain home remedies that could be incorporated in a child’s diet plan in order to overcome Stuttering Disorder. There are certain foods which help with the speech of an individual. Some of the foods to treat Stuttering Disorder are:

  1. Dry Dates: Dry dates have shown to be quite an effective home remedy in treating speech disorders and Stuttering Disorder is no exception. You can take some dates, soak them in milk, and boil the mixture. Allow the mixture to cool down. Once the mixture cools, remove the dates and chew them thoroughly for as long as possible. Once you have chewed the dates completely then go on to drink the milk. This is perhaps one of the most effective ways of getting rid of Stuttering Disorder, although this needs to be taken diligently for a period of a few weeks for optimum results.
  2. Almonds: Almonds have also shown to be quite an effective home remedy in treating Stuttering Disorder. You just need to take a couple of blanched almonds before breakfast in the morning. It should be noted here that the almonds need to be taken on an empty stomach. Mix the almonds with a walnut and a few raisins in warm milk. Eat the mix and then drink the milk. Doing this for a few weeks will clearly show signs of improvement in the speech of the child.
  3. Indian Gooseberries: Indian Gooseberries are also considered as an effective home remedy for Stuttering Disorder. One needs to chew the Gooseberries for a few minutes on a daily basis for a few weeks. It may not be tasty but still you need to overcome the taste in order to get the desired results and get rid of the Stuttering Disorder.
  4. Honey with Roasted White Borax: This home remedy is also an extremely viable option for treatment of Stuttering Disorder. You need to take approximately 10 g of white borax and roast it. Allow the roasted white borax to cool down. Once the white borax has cooled enough, add a little bit of honey to it. Mix them thoroughly and apply the mixture on the tip of the tongue. Rub the tip of the tongue gently for a few minutes. Do this at least two or three times a day for optimum results. Doing this diligently for a few days will give you the desired results in overcoming Stuttering Disorder to a significant degree.
  5. Cinnamon, Cardamom, Beetle Leaf Root and Sweet Flag: A mixture of all these things which can be found easily in market or at home and are quite effective in treating Stuttering Disorder. You can take approximately 10 g of all of these and mix them. Add a few drops of rose water to it and mix it thoroughly. Make small rolls of the paste that you get and take about 3 rolls at least three times a day for a few weeks. This is quite an excellent home remedy to get rid of Stuttering Disorder and results can be seen within a span of a few weeks.
  6. Black Pepper: Black pepper has many health benefits. It is a very good home remedy for treating Stuttering Disorder as well. You need to soak a few almonds at night and then mix it with black pepper in the morning. Add some honey to it and make a paste and apply it to the tip of the tongue for a few weeks and see the desired results.
  7. Wheat Grains: This is the simplest home remedy used for treating Stuttering Disorder. Just put a few wheat grains under the tongue and attempt to speak. It is tough to believe but it really helps an individual with Stuttering Disorder get back normal speech. This exercise is easy to do and can be done for a few weeks to see the desired results and get rid of Stuttering Disorder.

In summary, Stuttering Disorder is not a condition which cannot be treated. As adults, one needs to make sure that if your child has a Stuttering Disorder then he or she does not get into depression due to this speech impediment and you need to make sure to convince him or her that there is nothing wrong and everything will be fine with just some simple techniques which have been mentioned above to treat Stuttering Disorder.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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