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What Causes Eyebrow Twitching And How To Get Rid Of It?

About Eyebrow Twitching:

A twitch in medical term is termed as involuntary contraction of the muscles. It is an extremely benign condition and it is very rare that a serious condition causes twitching. In majority of the cases, they resolve spontaneously. However if the twitching lasts for more than a week then it is better to consult with a physician. It is quite common for the muscles of different areas of body to contract involuntarily and there is nothing worrisome about it. Most of the times, twitches are related to stress and anxiety. It is also a sign of tiredness and exhaustion. At times, binging on caffeine or alcohol also causes muscle twitching.[1]

While twitching can occur in any area of the body, it is most common in the legs and the eyes. There may also be associated cramps and tingling in the area. Eyebrow Twitching is one such common phenomenon that can occur with any of the causes mentioned above. Eyestrain is the most common cause of this condition. However, certain underlying medical conditions like Bell Palsy can also cause Eyebrow Twitching.[1]

This condition can be quite annoying even though it does not cause any pain. The duration of an Eyebrow Twitching can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes before resolving. This article gives an overview of the causes for Eyebrow Twitching and ways to manage it.[1]

What Causes Eyebrow Twitching And How To Get Rid Of It?

What Causes Eyebrow Twitching And How To Get Rid Of It?

As stated, it is quite common for people to experience Eyebrow Twitching at some point or the other. The most common causes of Eyebrow Twitching include:

Excessive Caffeine: Taking too much of caffeine very often causes Eyebrow Twitching. If an individual feels that he or she is ingesting way too much caffeine which is causing Eyebrow Twitching then it is better to cut down the intake to control and also to get rod of the eyebrow twitching.[2]

Magnesium Deficiency: This is yet another cause of Eyebrow Twitching. In fact, twitching is the primary presenting feature of magnesium deficiency. The reason behind this is that magnesium has a key role to play in the nerve functions of the body.[2]

In addition to Eyebrow Twitching, the individual may experience other symptoms to include fatigue, nausea, muscle weakness, appetite loss, and tremors. If an individual has magnesium deficiency then dietary changes like increased intake of almonds, peanuts, spinach, and soya milk all of which are rich in magnesium can help get rid of eyebrow twitching.[2]

Medications: There are also certain medications that can cause Eyebrow Twitching. Medications especially given for attention hyperactivity disorder and some classes of antipsychotics can cause Eyebrow Twitching. Medications given for seizures also have Eyebrow Twitching as a side effect profile.[2]

Diuretics have a side effect profile of magnesium deficiency which leads to Eyebrow Twitching. In case if an individual suspects that their Eyebrow Twitching is being caused by medications then it is better to consult with a physician and look for an alternative.[2]

Eyestrain: Straining the eyes also is a common cause of Eyebrow Twitching. Eyestrain normally occurs while looking at the computer or television screen for prolonged periods of time. The eye also tends to be strained excessively when an individual does not have good eyesight and strains to look at what is ahead of him. Thus it is recommended to either cut down on the screen time that an individual spends or get the eyesight checked to manage Eyebrow Twitching.[2]

Allergies: At times, allergies to certain substances can also cause Eyebrow Twitching. During an allergic reaction, histamine is released by the immune system. This results in an itching sensation. In case if the allergen comes in contact with the eyes, then it will cause the individual to rub the eyes constantly. This will lead to Eyebrow Twitching.[2]

Substance Abuse: This is also one of the major causes of Eyebrow Twitching. Abusing nicotine, alcohol, or recreational drugs cause the muscles around the eyes to contract involuntarily. Abstaining from alcohol and smoking is the best way to get rid of the symptoms of Eyebrow Twitching.[2]

There are also certain medical conditions that can cause Eyebrow Twitching even though this is quite rare. These conditions include

Hemifacial Spasms: This condition occurs as a result of irritation of the facial nerves. This often at times leads to Eyebrow Twitching. There is no cure for this condition and the individual has to deal with Eyebrow Twitching for the rest of his life. This usually occurs on the left eye and face. This is an extremely rare condition and studies suggest that it occurs in approximately 10 of 100,000 people.[2]

Bell Palsy: This condition occurs as a result of weakness of the facial muscles. The weakness tends to occur if there is partial paralysis of the face or the facial nerves become swollen. This results in the affected individual having Eyebrow Twitching.[2]

In conclusion, while majority of the cases of Eyebrow Twitching are benign and resolve spontaneously, it is recommended to consult with a physician if the twitching lasts for more than a week to rule out any underlying medical condition causing the symptoms. Stress, fatigue, and eyestrain are the primary causes of Eyebrow Twitching. At times, excess of caffeine or alcohol can also cause Eyebrow Twitching.[1, 2]

There are several ways through which Eyebrow Twitching can be prevented. These include limiting caffeine intake and drinking alcohol only in moderation. It is also important to give the eyes plenty of rest and take frequent breaks if the individual has to look at the computer screen for prolonged periods of time. In case if the eyes get fatigued, it is better to apply warm compresses to the eyes to prevent them from twitching.[2]

If magnesium deficiency is believed to be the cause of Eyebrow Twitching then it is recommended to increase magnesium in the diet. However, if Eyebrow Twitching occurs along with facial droop then it is better to consult with a physician. Additionally, if there is discharge noted in the eyes along with redness and swelling then it also requires a checkup with a physician. The overall prognosis of Eyebrow Twitching is extremely good and in fact it goes away on its own without causing any threat to the overall eye health of the individual.[2]


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