What is Turbinate Hypertrophy?

If the chronic allergies are not treated then the problem of turbinate hypertrophy will arise. The symptoms that are related to the chronic untreated allergies leads to obstruction of the nasal airway and it will cause a condition that is known as turbinate hypertrophy.

The other name for the turbinates is nasal concha. The nasal concha helps with quite a few functions that are filtering, warning, and shaping the inhaling air. The location of the turbinates is within the nasal cavity and are generally of paired structured. Any increase in the size of an organ or the tissue is referred to as Hypertrophy. As a result, the enlargement of the turbinates is termed as turbinate hypertrophy. The hypertrophy can take place and may even result in the total blockage or the obstruction of the nasal airway. The turbinate hypertrophy is very common in general but many of the people are not familiar with it. It nearly affects everyone at some of the points, as it is so very common.

What is Turbinate Hypertrophy?

Hence, the doctor's advice for the treatment of the allergies and the other related nasal difficulties before the problems leads to turbinate hypertrophy.

Facts about Turbinate Hypertrophy:

  • Those people who have grown to tolerate their symptoms of allergy, for them it becomes very difficult to distinguish between the allergy symptoms and the turbinate hypertrophy.
  • The most common form of treatment that is used to control the turbinate hypertrophy is termed as medical therapy.
  • Turbinate hypertrophy is a form of enlargement of the turbinates that results in the total blockage of the nasal airway.
  • Treatment of any allergies is highly recommended before the complications lead to the turbinate hypertrophy.
  • The deciding factor is very important. It is also very difficult to determine that whether you have turbinate hypertrophy or not. A qualified ENT specialist could best address it.

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