Why Is One Of My Nostrils Always Clogged?

It really feels irritating when our nose gets clogged. Well, have you ever wondered why one of the nostrils get clogged? Read below to know about the answer to your question, “Why is one of my nostrils always clogged?”

Why Is One Of My Nostrils Always Clogged?

Why Is One Of My Nostrils Always Clogged?: The Science Behind It!

Well, there is a scientific reason behind this. Let’s know that there is a physiological response known as the Nasal cycle, which is a process where the nostrils of our nose take turns sucking in more and more air.

Inferior turbinates are the structures present in both the sides of the nose and they are responsible for warming as well as humidifying air before it enters the lungs. This in turn protects the lungs by reducing the irritation and dryness. This process is a lot of work. Thus, to make the process more efficient, our nose funnels its resources more to one of the side than the other side.

More blood flow is sent to one nostril than other, which in turn warms the air coming in through there; however, it also causes the turbinate on that particular side to get swelled up. This swelling in one side of the nose means there is very less room for the air to make its way inside. It is very subtle, though that unless you have a cold, allergy, infection or a structural problem, you won’t notice it going on.

When you are sick, the blood flow to the nose increases even more, thus sparking more swelling and a greater production of mucus in the nasal area. Even though you get congested throughout the entire nose, you feel the congestion more strongly in one nostril, where the turbinate is swollen already, as part of the normal Nasal cycle.

Some Conditions Causing One Nostril Always Clogged:

Below we will also discuss about some of the conditions that may cause one nostril being clogged.

Nasal Polyps:

Nasal polyps are one of the most common reasons why your nostrils remain blocked for a longer period of time. This may be one of the causes why one of your nostrils is always clogged. These nasal polyps are noncancerous, sac-like small growth of tissue in the nasal passage. These tissue growths can obstruct the proper flow of air. It is most likely to experience nasal polyps if you suffer from severe cases of allergic rhinitis.

Deviated Nasal Septum:

“Why is one of my nostrils always clogged?” One more answer to this question could be the deviated nasal septum. The nasal septum is actually the cartilage that sits between the two nostrils of the nose. This ideally divides the nose directly down the center. However, in some people, the nasal septum lies off to one side and this can make one of the nostril feel more clogged than the other, especially because the flow of air is reduced in that side of the nose because of the smaller nostril. Apart from this, it can also be more difficult for the mucus to drain away through this smaller nostril.

Sinus Infection:

One more reason why one of your nostrils might always feel clogged could be a sinus infection. Viral infections are very frequent causes of irritation in our nose, which turns the tissues inflamed and swollen. However, the source of infection could either be bacterial or fungal. A chronic episode of sinus infection can last for more than 12 weeks and thus you must not delay visiting your doctor or taking their prescribed medication.

Take This Advice:

Now that we are aware of the causes why one of the nostrils is always clogged, it is recommended that you should consult your physician and get a confirmed diagnosis about your condition (if you are suffering from the same), without any delay. Though few home remedies and OTC medicines can be helpful in providing you relief by clearing out the nasal passage from the clogged nostril, it is always better to see your doctor and take the relevant treatments.

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