Avoid Making These Mistakes With Cable Machine Pull-Downs

Cable machine pull-down is a simple exercise which can be performed quite easily. However, there are many instances when you may not be aware of or be able to do the exercises in the right way. As doing the exercises in an incorrect manner can be more harmful, it is necessary to avoid making these mistakes with cable machine pull-downs. Cable machine pull-down is a great exercise and must be opted when doing your gym workouts. Being a multi-joint exercise, it involves the movement of the scapula, elbows and shoulders thereby working on several muscles of your upper body. The largest back muscle known as the latissimus dorsi is the one, which extends on either side of the spine and is the main muscle that gets moved and exercised with cable machine pull-down. Hence, to be fit and safe, avoid making these mistakes with cable machine pull-downs which have been discussed below in details.

Let us first understand how to perform a cable machine pull-down and what are the benefits of performing this exercise on a regular basis.

Avoid Making These Mistakes With Cable Machine Pull-Downs

How to Perform a Cable Machine Pull-Down?

Knowing how to perform a cable machine pull down can help you to avoid mistakes when doing it. In order to perform a cable machine pull-down, stabilize yourself, keep your feet hip-width apart and sit on the seat. In this exercise, you stay stationary while the weights moves and does the work for you. Take a seat and hold the weighted bar firmly with an overhand grip. Now pull the bar towards you with your elbows being slightly bent and go down till your elbows reach below the chest region. Squeeze your shoulder blades as you pull the bar. Let the bar go up again while still holding onto it and engaging your muscles. Repeat 12 to 15 times in a set and do 3 to 4 such sets.

Benefits of Cable Machine Pull-Down

There are several benefits of performing cable machine pull-down regularly. One of the major benefits of this exercise is that it helps eliminate the fat in your back and gives it a toned and lean look. Moreover, cable machine pull-down is also helpful in strengthening your back muscles and spine and giving your body a perfect shape which compliments your flat abs.

Avoid Making These Mistakes With Cable Machine Pull-Downs

There are certain mistakes which many people make when performing cable machine pull-downs. These mistakes should be avoided at all costs to prevent back injury and to reap maximum benefit from the exercise.

So here we ask you to avoid making these mistakes with cable machine pull-downs and ensure a safe workout.

Pulling Too Much Weight From The Beginning

One of the most common mistakes with cable machine pull-down is that most people try to pull extra weight which is more than their capacity from the very first day. If you think that pulling excess weight will help you eliminate fat faster and tone your body in a short span of time, then think again.

It is strictly advisable to slowly increase the weight because if you pull too much weight all of a sudden it can result in serious injury to the back muscles and also cause back pain in the future. If your body moves forward or backward when you perform the pull-down, then it means that you need to lower the weight being pulled.

It is only after maintaining a perfect form at any given weight that you should consider adding more weight to the pull-down. Alternately, if you are able to easily pull the weight without feeling any stress or discomfort in the muscles, you must increase the weight a little.

Do Not Lean Back or Forward

When you perform the cable machine pull-down, you must not lean way back or forward. Try to keep your back as straight as possible and pull down the bar slowly and steadily. Keep an eye on your posture to avoid strains and injuries to your body. It is important to learn the correct position to perform well and avoid making these mistakes with cable machine pull down.

Hold the Weight Bar Firmly

Loosening your grip on the weight bar mid-way of the exercise will not only reduce the efficacy of the exercise but also result in hand or back injury. Maintain a steady grip on the weight bar throughout the exercise and let go off the bar only after you have returned it to its resting position. If you avoid making this mistake with cable machine pull down, you are sure to have a toned body in a safe manner.

Do Not Lock Your Elbows

Always keep your elbows slightly bent when pulling the cable towards your body and not locked. A locked elbow will prevent you from performing the exercise properly and also increase chances of injury.


Now that you know how to avoid making these mistakes with cable machine pull-downs, do keep it in mind when you perform this exercise next. This will help you gain maximum results from the exercise, prevent any hand or back injury and help you get a toned and sculpted back in a few months.

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