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Best Exercises/Activities For Paget’s Disease Of The Breast

Paget’s disease of the breast is not related to Paget’s disease of the bone, a metabolic bone disease.(1)

Paget’s disease of the breast occurs most often in women older than age 50. Most women with Paget’s disease of the breast have underlying ductal breast cancer, either in situ or less commonly, invasive breast cancer.(1)

Mammary Paget’s disease is characterized by the invasion of the epidermis by Paget’s cells, malignant glandular epithelial cells with enlarged pleomorphic and hyperchromatic nuclei.(2)

Best Exercises/Activities For Paget’s Disease Of The Breast

Paget’s disease of the breast is a superficial condition characterized by erythematous, eczematous, scaly lesion with or without the involvement of nipple. It is associated with underlying breast cancer and occurs due to epidermotropism of the cancer cells towards the breast surface via lactiferous ducts. It is an entirely different condition and should not be confused with Paget’s disease of bone because there is no correlation between them.

Due to its association with breast cancer, it is very much important to prevent the risk factors which can cause breast cancer to avoid this condition. Breast screening is now a common part of western countries because it has a high incidence. An appropriate visit to the relevant doctor must be given to know about the condition and how to prevent it. The doctor may write a few of the radiological investigations such as mammography etc. for the screening process. If there is any history of breast cancer in the patient itself or its family then special care must be taken off to prevent it.(2)

The doctor may recommend an activity which can be done at any time by the patient itself and help in the screening of this condition, it is known as self-breast examination. It is a pretty easy activity that can be performed by the person itself while having a bath, wearing clothes, etc. The screening for Paget’s disease of breast can be easily ruled out by just looking at the breast for experiencing any changes in the outlook of the surface, presence of any erythematous changes, feeling of an eczematous tissue around the nipple, etc. Screening of breast cancer can be done in a spiral fashion from inside to outside by the usage of both hands on one breast at one time and has to look for a lump or some unusual mass in the breast.(3)

Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and diet to prevent excessive weight gain is very much necessary because it may change the hormonal pattern of the body. Alcohol consumption should be limited as much as possible because it is known to increase the risk for breast cancer. The usage of estrogen pills for the contraception or especially after the postmenopausal phase for maintaining the mucous membrane and lubrication of the vagina is very much dangerous because estrogen is pro- cancerous.

Exercise and fitness activity of any type is helpful because it not only helps to maintain the weight but also keeps the estrogen activity in control. 30 minutes of vigorous exercise for five days in a week or 45 minutes to 1 hour of light exercise for six days a week or are two of the most commonly followed regimes of exercise.


One should seek professional help with a specialist doctor as soon as any changes in the breast surface or the underlying tissue are felt by the person while doing a self-breast examination or a simple screening process. Any unnecessary delay will not only add in the period required by cancer to grow but also will degrade the prognosis and survival rate of the person. This condition is usually unilateral but in 20% cases, it may be bilateral which is an even dangerous condition representing that it has spread to the other breast also.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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