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Best Exercises/Activities/Yoga For Occupational Asthma

Occupational asthma is a category of asthma and it caused by breathing in gases, chemical fumes, dust, and various other on-the-job substances. The problem takes place mainly from exposure to sensitive substances to cause an allergic response. Alternatively, it takes place because of irritating toxic substances to cause immunological responses. Occupational type of asthma may cause wheezing, chest tightness and breathing shortness. Allergic people remain at high risk to develop the problem of occupational asthma.(1)

Best Exercises/Activities/Yoga For Occupational Asthma

Best Exercises/Activities/Yoga For Occupational Asthma

People suffering from occupational asthma often find a slow build-up of their exercise levels to reduce the risk related to flare-ups of asthma during any physical exercise. In this case, doctors recommend specific types of exercises, which focus to promote the capacity of lungs and regulate breathing activities.

Occupational asthma patients should choose for a group of activities, which give them rest for short periods in between to perform well. Exercising in this manner helps an individual to stay active and boost his/her strength and stamina even without placing excessive strain or stress on their heart and lungs.

Types Of Exercises, Activities Or Yoga Allowed For Occupational Asthma Patients

Yoga: Yoga poses and pranayama let individuals focus on their breathing activity. When a person does yoga poses, his/her lung’s capacity increases via rhythmic and controlled breathing during the exercise. Simultaneously, the patient will build enough muscular strength to achieve overall good health and fitness. Other than this, rhythmic breathing and yoga for occupational asthma help a lot to reduce the stress level of an individual. Stress is a prime asthma trigger in most of the people. Thus, reducing the level of stress may help in reducing various asthma flares.(3)

Swimming: Similar to yoga, swimming for occupational asthma is also an effective exercise to manage your asthma symptoms. This is because; swimming helps you in building up the muscles you use to breathe in and breathe out. Also, the activity exposes your lungs to moist and warm air, which is relatively less likely to activate the symptoms of asthma. According to the relevant statistics, swimming plays a prime role to boost the lungs’ functions and cardiopulmonary related fitness even without any side effects in many people with a stable form of asthma.(4)

List Of Exercises To Improve The Lungs Functionality

You will find large numbers of exercises, which help you with improving your lungs’ functions even without causing overstraining issues. These are-

  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton and
  • Weightlifting

List Of Exercises Involving Steady Movement

You should try varieties of light exercises to moderate ones, especially the ones, which consist of steady body movements. These exercises help you in improving your endurance levels and avoid overstraining in your lungs. Common examples of the steady movement exercises are-

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Exercise, which uses elliptical machines
  • Going through stairs rather using an elevator or lift

Key Benefits Offered By Exercises And Yoga To Asthma Patients

Based on the aforementioned facts about yoga and exercises, occupational asthma patients may get plenty of health benefits, which include-

  • Strengthening of both the heart and the lungs
  • Drastic improvement in one’s immune system
  • Makes an occupational asthma patient highly tolerant to do physical exercises
  • Reduces the inflammation in airways
  • Improvement in the asthma control followed by overall lungs’ function
  • Improvement in the mood by reducing the feelings of stress and depression
  • The drastic increase in energy levels.(5)

Types Of Occupational Asthma

Occupational asthma may take place in two different types-

Type 1 Or Immune-Mediated Asthma: This type of asthma takes place whenever a particular agent stimulates the immune system of one’s body, which later on, triggers the problem of asthma.

Type 2 Or Irritant Induced Asthma: Here, the agent irritates directly in the patient’s airways.(2)


To conclude, we should say that exercise plays a prime role to manage the condition of occupational asthma in many patients and let them lead a happy life.


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