Benefits of Swimming in Relation to Health

Swimming is one of the most popular and ideal sport for maintaining good health. Swimming is the only low-impact exercise that offers you a variety of health benefits. It can offer you the health benefits of an aerobic exercise without impacting your joints; thereby it can be practiced both by elderly people as well as by young generation.

Benefits of Swimming in Relation to Health

Benefits of Swimming in Relation to Health

The athletes are aware of the health benefits of swimming and hence they prefer swimming to stay fit and to recover from sports injuries. It is important for you to know the benefits of swimming in relation to health to plan your exercise and swimming regime.

Best Cardio Exercise

Swimming is the best endurance sport and aerobic exercise; thereby it can help you to maintain good cardio health. This is the primary benefit of swimming in relation to health. Swimming is the best cardio exercise that can help you reduce your blood pressure and improve your heart health. Swimming also enhances your stamina and improves your overall performance.

Improved Mental Health

Research studies suggest that water based workouts or sports usually improve the mental state and health, thereby improving emotional wellbeing. Swimming for its health related benefits, is widely recommended to people suffering from mood swings. Exercising in deep warm water can help people to reduce anxiety and depression, while enhancing their mood and mental state. Health benefits of swimming can also help to reduce stress related pains and disorders.

Improved Lung Capacity

Like other aerobic exercises, swimming is also known to increase the lung capacity, as it compels your body to work harder and overtime. As water is denser than air, the lungs are compelled to work harder while swimming in order to ensure sufficient oxygen supply. Improved lung capacity can help to provide relief in symptoms of asthma and help to improve immunity as well.

Reduced Risk of Lifestyle Disorders

As regular exercises and proper oxygenation help to prevent some lifestyle disorders, swimming can be a great option. Regular swimming can help to improve blood circulation, oxygen supply to body parts and maintain a healthy weight. Regular swimming can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, blood pressure and boost up on good cholesterol. With these benefits of swimming in relation to health, you can reduce your risk of lifestyle disorders like obesitydiabetes and heart diseases.

Improved Muscle Strength

People, who regularly swim, usually develop lean muscles and gain muscle strength throughout their body. This is one of the biggest benefits of swimming in relation to health. Running merely helps you to develop muscles in your legs, while swimming uses more muscle groups, which helps to improve overall muscle strength. Swimming, not only offers benefits of cardiovascular exercises, but also gives you a full body workout that helps you to build lean muscles and strengthen your body.

Reduced Body Pain

While swimming is a great full body exercise, it also has the capacity to relax the body muscles and reduce your body pains. The benefits of swimming in relation to health, particularly in reducing body pain include

  • Swimming offers relief from neck or back and other muscular pain. Backstroke swimming is considered to be the best aerobic experience that can strengthen the back and loosen it up.
  • Swimming offers great health benefits for arthritis and is an excellent remedy for such pain. The soft resistance and support of water, can help to alleviate your arthritis pain.

Decreased Inflammation

Apart from its cardiovascular benefits that strengthen your heart muscles and health, swimming offers other health benefits too. Regular swimming can decrease inflammation that may result in atherosclerosis build-up in heart. It can also reduce system-wide inflammation, thereby reducing the risk of inflammatory conditions and other disorders.

Increased Flexibility

Swimming is considered as the best aerobic exercise for improving flexibility of your body. Since you stretch, reach, twist and pull your way inside the water while swimming, it can make you more flexible than any other aerobic exercise. Repeated stretching performed on every stroke while swimming can greatly enhance your flexibility while improving the strength.

Reduced Weight

As swimming is one of the best exercises to burn those extra calories, it is very effective in reducing excess weight. Swimming is very effective and efficient compared to running on treadmills for losing weight and burning calories. Along with health benefits of swimming, it also helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Healthy Pregnancy

Swimming is the best form of aerobic exercise that can strengthen both your shoulder and abdominal muscles. So, pregnant women, too can enjoy the health benefits of swimming. Water based exercises reduce joint or muscle pain and can reduce the discomfort of pregnant women. Regular swimming sessions are considered to be of great help to maintain a healthy and fit pregnancy.

These were the positive benefits of swimming in relation to health. You can enjoy the benefits of swimming as per your preference, however, for any health concerns like ear diseases, certain lung disorders or others, it is advisable to seek medical opinion.

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