Do Lunges Make Your Thighs Bigger?

Difference Between Lunges & Squats

Like squats, lunges are also a compound exercise which works the quadriceps, glutes and calves. Lunges are similar to squats, except with some minor differences. For example while both legs work together in squats, each leg works independently in lunges. Squats are done by placing the feet shoulder width apart and bending towards the floor with the knees bent. A lunge is done is completed by placing one foot placed in front of the other and the bending the knee placed in front like a starting position of a sprinter. Different variations of the basic lunge are Skater Lunge, Pivoting Curtsy Lunge, and Lateral Lunge Variation. Lunges also offer multiple benefits but do lunges play a part in making your thighs big? Yes, lunges actually increases the size of your thighs by increasing the muscle mass, but lunges also make your thighs look shapely. Actually, lunges do not help a person target specific areas on their body to lose weight. On the contrary, lunges, if done in high volumes, can actually increase the size of the thighs. To make the thighs smaller, exercises which help in burning calories and reducing fat should instead be incorporated in the daily workout regimen.

Do Lunges Make Your Thighs Bigger?

Do Lunges Make Your Thighs Bigger? What is the Impact of Lunges on the Thigh Size?

Strength training workouts like lunges make the muscles in the thigh and prevents atrophy from developing in these muscles due to lack of use and increase its size. So, yes lunges do make your thighs bigger and hence do not make the thighs small. The primary target of Lunges are muscle tissues in the gluteus medius and maximus, quadriceps, and calves but they do not have any effect on the fatty tissues in these areas. For making the thighs smaller, one has to either reduce excess fat located in their legs or have their muscles atrophied, which means making the muscles smaller.

How Lunges Are of Benefit?

While lunges do not make the thighs small, these exercises help to effectively build strength and improve size of the muscles in the lower body. Lunges also help in toning the thigh muscles and making them look shapely. A strong glute, calf and quad allow a person to climb stairs, walk up a hill, and squat easily. By building slender tissues through lunges, you can have improved metabolism and will be able to get rid of extra calories all through the day. It is important to build up the strength of the thigh muscles and lunges helps in toning the thighs to make them look shapely.

How Can The Thigh Size be Reduced?

For effectively reducing thigh size, one should put in efforts to get rid of extra fat in the body. For doing so, the calories burnt should be more than the calories consumed. The calories they burn can be increased by consistently incorporating cardiovascular exercises, like swimming and jogging, into their exercise regime. The calories consumed in a day can be decreased by limiting the intake of foods high on calories. More of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins should be consumed instead. While this would not target the thighs, one would see the difference in their legs by losing extra fat.

Things to Remember

While many articles show how to decrease the size of the thighs, they often forget to mention that it is very easy to regain the lost weight when exercise and the right diet are stopped. Exercising thrice a week is sufficient for maintenance but eventually, it is all about leading a healthy lifestyle. Developing healthy dietary and exercise habits is vital for long term success irrespective of which part of the body one is trying to slim. So, if the goal is to slim the thighs and keep them lean forever, one should follow the above mentioned nutritional and exercise guidelines for the long term.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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