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7 Household Items That Can Be Used As Fitness Equipment

With the coronavirus pandemic having shut down the whole world, what is the thing you feel is the most important you should possess. It’s your health and nothing else. For this, you need to make sure you eat well, exercise and keep fit. With lockdowns due to Covid-19, all of us are locked in our home, and so are the places we eat out at, and exercise. Eateries being shut do not matter much as you can easily cook fresh and healthy food at home. But what about the exercise schedule?

Exercise helps in keeping you fit and also keeps your immunity at its best. It helps in bringing in a change in the antibody and WBC (immune system cells that help fight disease). This is what is required to fight away any kind of illness. Even if the disease affects you, it would not bother that much, as it would, if you are not fit.(1,2)

Bringing in all the gym equipment at home can be an expensive deal and cannot be met by everyone. But making use of similar things easily available at home is also not a bad thought. Being aware of these free fitness equipment at home and knowing how to use them can help you from missing out on the daily exercises without making a hole in your pocket.

So, stop making lame excuses of your gym being shut and you not being able to exercise because of it. Here are some of the homemade gym equipments that would help you work out similarly.

7 Household Items That Can Be Used As Fitness Equipment


A towel can act as a resistance band. It can be used for stretching and arm workout.

Assume a plank position with a small towel under the feet. Try gliding your feet apart in a slow and controlled manner and then bring them back together.


Every house has walls. There can be at least one wall that can be free to practice some stretching, working on the quads and wall-sits.


Stairs can be used for walking and running up and down and a great way to pump the heart and burn the quads.

It can be a great way to work out.

Water Bottles Or Laundry Detergents

Water bottles or laundry detergent bags can be used as hand weights or dumbbells. You can do a major arm workout with them.

Front raises, triceps kickback and overhead presses can be done using them.

These homemade dumbbells can certainly bolster your biceps.


Besides cleaning the house, a broom can be used for core, hips and glutes workout.

Add some hip hinges and oblique twist to the usual sweeping routine and make housecleaning a part of your exercise schedule.


A chair can be an addition to the workout when trying a perfect squat or practicing leg raises.


Countertop pushups can help strengthen arms and chest when practiced in several sets.

This activity can be done anytime such as while waiting for the water to boil or the oven to pre-heat.

All these are basic things and can be easily seen at anybody’s home. If they can help you keep active and fit, why not give them a try.

So, rather than just giving an excuse of the gym being shut for you not working out, try any of the above, and if possible, be regular with your exercise schedule.

Along with staying at home and maintaining hand hygiene, you can fight back the virus with your good immune system. For this, you need to stay active, eat healthily, and drink lots of water.

Stay active, stay healthy, stay fit.

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