How to Strengthen Feet Muscles?

How To Strengthen Feet Muscles?

Our feet have to go through a lot and it is vital to take care of them not only to avoid pain and injury, but to help lead a better life. Nowadays, it is common to see that many people are into core training that helps to strengthen the whole body.

But many a times, it is way more difficult to cope up with an injury; thus it becomes essential to take up the right action as this will positively help you to manage the things in the right manner. Here we bring you a little insight about different types of exercises that can be used for strengthening the muscles of feet and ankles. So let us quickly delve little deeper as this will certainly help you to make the most of your feet.

Types of Feet Strengthening Exercises

Static Exercises to Stenghten the Feet Muscles

This type of exercise is best for those who are recovering from an injury. It is said to be perfect for post injury and apart from that for a novice, also, it is a great way to start strengthening your feet muscles. Static exercises enable you to work and strengthen your feet from all directions.

Static Pull Ups: These helps in strengthening dorsiflexion, so, let us quickly see how you can do it on your own as a beginner. In order to do these exercises you can sit or lie down and make sure that your feet are in a neutral position. Now place one hand in the front of the foot and hold your ankle for three to five seconds and then relax. Repeat for 10 to 20 minutes.

Static Turn Ins: In this inversion exercise (turning the foot inwards), the starting position could be either sitting or lying, but make sure that your foot is in a neutral position. Now place one hand on the inner border of your foot, close to the big toe, hold your feet and try to lift it up into the hand to an extent that you feel the muscles clench. Hold this position for three to five seconds and then relax. Repeat it 10 to 20 times.

Resistance Exercises to Stenghten the Feet Muscles

Resistance exercises are great to strengthen your feet muscles. Resistance exercises can be done by using a band to improve the strength of the feet and to make your muscles of the feet strong. For doing resistance exercises, you need to have a theraband, which is like an elastic band which helps in providing extra resistance and strength as this will help to provide extra support. In addition to that, it becomes important to have this stretch band, as this will help you to carry out the exercise in a way that is more apposite.

  • Theraband Turn Out: The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the feet. Let us quickly see how you can easily do it all by yourself. Hook the band on the opposite foot and try to stretch up to your knees with the help of your hand. Keep the foot on your hand so that the outer border of the foot will rise slightly. Make it a point that your heels are constantly touching the ground throughout. Do it for 10 seconds and repeat. This exercise will certainly help you strengthen your feet muscles.

  • Theraband Turn In: In this exercise, you have to do exactly opposite from turn out, so let us quickly see how you need to do this. Cross your legs and hook the theraband under your foot so that you are not using theraband. Now slide the target foot slightly inward so that the inner corner of the foot is slightly raised and then pull against the band and make sure your feet are firm on the ground.

Dynamic Exercises to Stenghten the Feet Muscles

Any exercise that involves joint movements and exercises which are done to give strength to core also give you strong feet muscles.

  • Arch Lifts: This exercise helps in strengthening the feet muscles and support the muscles of the soles. In order to do this exercise, you need to sit on the chair, and your foot should be resting on the floor. While doing this exercise, make it a point that you keep your heel, foot and big toe on the floor throughout. Now hold for three seconds and relax.

  • Marble Pick-Ups: As the name suggests, in this exercise you have to pick up a marble with the help of your toes. Other than this, you have to pick up the marble and place it in a bowl using your toes. This exercise will definitely help in stenghtening your feet muscles.

These above mentioned are a few types of exercises which help in strengthening the feet muscles. There are many more exercise which one has to do in order to have strong feet muscles. Additionaly, it is important to take professional advice before embarking on any type of exercises, as a professional will guide you to the exercises to Stenghten the Feet Muscles in the right manner.

Taking professional help will also definitely help you to do the right exercise that will suffice the purpose. To help you here we bring you some of the exercises that are best and that help you to have strong feet muscles. Here we bring you two best exercises from above mentioned exercises which will certainly help you to take up things in the right manner.

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