What is Circuit Training|7 Benefits of Circuit Training

A method of resistance training or weight training, that maximizes the volume of work done in a limited period of time, is known as Circuit training. There are a lot of benefits of this training, which will be known from the following array of the article.


What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training, is very beneficial for individuals who keep interest in weight loss, muscle gain and overall increase in strength. This type of training, take pretty less time yet the action is fully packed in it. Circuit training is not essentially required to be done every day, and moreover, it can be personalized.

The basic behind circuit training is that, it consists of performing several exercises on multiple body parts in a row, with little rest in between exertions. The two most important types of circuit training are the horizontal training and the Vertical training. In case of the Horizontal training, all sets of one exercise are performed before an individual moves on to the next exercise. While, in case of vertical training, one set of every different type of exercise is to be performed before returning to an exercise for the second time.

It must be noted, that the amount of weight an individual lifts during circuit training, can vary between sets. An individual can start with light weights and work up gradually to heavier weights, or can begin with heavy weights and regress to lighter weights. Taking little rest in between sets, is the most important component of circuit training.

Circuit training gets your heart rate higher and strengthens your muscles at the same time. This type of workout, generally targets areas like the core, legs, arms, glutes, and the back.

Few Things You Need to Know About Circuit Training:

  • This type of workout is really good for beginners. You can create your own circuit that is right for you.
  • It can be free, if you use exercises that make use of your own body weight, such as push-ups lunges, planks etc., or in case you make use of equipments along a walking trail.
  • You can perform it at home or can do it outdoors.
  • You need not essentially require equipments for doing circuit training. You can choose your exercises that make use of your own body weight.
  • It is always good to begin the training under the supervision of an expert fitness trainer.

7 Benefits of Circuit Training

7 Benefits of Circuit Training:

Here below are some of the benefits of Circuit training:

  1. Circuit Training Offers the Benefits of Maximum Results in Short Time Period:

    It is true that in busy schedule, it is very difficult to make time for an hour or two hours workout. Unless fitness is your primary job, no one has hours a day to spend in the gym. However, circuit training is the absolute workout for the time-crunched fitness fiend. You can set up as many or as few stations as you wish for and then continue through the circuit training until your time runs out. You can actually fit it in effective, total body workout, whether you have 15 minutes or you have one hour.

  2. It Is A Mix Of Both, Cardio and Strength Training:

    Circuit training is something that offers the benefits of both, cardio as well as strength training. You can combine intervals of high-intensity cardio with heavy weight lifting, for a comprehensive and seriously effective workout.

  3. It Challenges Your Whole Body:

    Circuit training challenges your whole body and you are guaranteed to hit every major and minor group of muscle with this workout.

  4. There is an Increased Muscular Endurance and Strength:

    Circuit training offers the benefits of increased muscular endurance and strength. Resistance training overloads muscles for an improved endurance and strength. There are studies that indicate, strength gains of 7% to 32% are evident with circuit training. Strength training, is especially important for women, who lose muscle mass of 1% per year in their 30s and 40s, along with people over age 65 years, so as to help minimize bone loss.

  5. Circuit Training Also Offers the Benefits of Greater Cardiovascular Endurance:

    There is a greater cardiovascular endurance with circuit training. Several studies have reported that when performed consistently over 8-12 weeks, circuit training can actually increase aerobic oxygen consumption and VO2 max, thus resulting in a greater stamina and overall fitness of the body.

  6. Body’s Metabolism is Increased With Circuit Training:

    You have an improved body composition and a higher rate of metabolism with circuit training. This workout reduces the fat mass and increases lean body and build muscles that burn more calories, both, while exercising and also at rest, for a higher metabolism.

  7. Circuit Training Helps You Beat the Gym Boredom:

    Since circuit training is a very flexible format, the options of how you set up your workout are actually limitless. Whether you like to stick to one routine for a while for measuring your progress, or prefer mixing it up every time you go to the gym, having a plan will make you actually more confident and more efficient.


We are very much aware of the wonderful benefits of the circuit training now. So, why not reach out an expert fitness trainer or a gym center and start your workouts of circuit training to get maximum results in a short period of time?

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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