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Is Gym Every Day Okay?

Someone has rightly said, “A bad day can be made better by going to the gym.” People who are addicted to become better version of themselves; are also addicted to go to the gym every day. They are unstoppable at times because they believe going to the gym every day and working out hard could give them the best results and help them reach their fitness goals. But, is gym every day okay? That’s what most of us might be wondering about! So, let us read on and know about the same.

Is Gym Every Day Okay?

Is Gym Every Day Okay?

Well! The answer could be “Yes” and also “No.” So, what exactly we will talk about here is take a deeper look on both the sides and leave it for you to decide if gym every day is okay or not!

Gym Every Day Maybe Okay

There is a quote, “There are no weekends off when you are chasing your goals.” So, some people prefer going to gym every day and there are some valid reasons behind this.

The Department of Health And Human Services or HHS has released the new Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and it mentioned that adults in between the age group of 18 to 64 years must moderately exercise, at least for 2 hours and 30 minutes or in a vigorous way for about 1 hour and 15 minutes every week.(1) So, you can choose your own number of exercising days in a week as per the time you are working out every day in the gym.

We would however mention this that the harder, the longer, and more often your workout, the greater would be your health benefits which would include a reduction in the risk of getting diseases like diabetes, and cancer. This is based on scientific research.

Now, when we dive deeper in to this topic we would also mention that there are studies that support the idea that being fit and active physically must be a part of any depression treatment. Apart from this, going to gym every day might also help you relieve stress, promote sleep, and strengthen your muscles and bones. If you do very light weight training and/or cardio then going to gym every day maybe okay. But if you intend to add bulk or muscle mass, then it is important that you give your muscles some break from daily workouts.

Gym Every Day May Not Be Okay

Now, since going to the gym every day is not at all realistic for everyone; we would consider that gym every day is not okay. Apart from this, there are also several issues when we go for gym every day. One of the major problem with it is the soreness that it gets and this soreness can actually make one slouch through the day and can make you feel exhausted every single day. And we must know that exercise is done to increase ones’ energy levels and not to diminish.

We would also mention that researchers have studied that people who workout 1-2 days during weekend get the same benefit as those individuals who exercise on a daily basis. A recent research that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine, explains that how often a person workouts might exactly not make a big difference in determining how long the person lives.(2)

Now, what actually could be the drawback of going to gym every day is that, if you are a woman and you over train, you would actually mess with your menstrual cycle. Apart from this, you might even find it difficult to sleep and have mood problems if you over train yourself by going to the gym every day. You will also feel exhausted all the time when you go to the gym every day. We must not forget that our muscles grow when we rest and when someone goes to the gym every day there remains no rest time for the person.

What more could be a reason for saying “Gym every day is not okay?” Well, when you go to gym every day you actually consume most of your free time


So, we know that gym every day could be okay because it benefits in various ways; however it may also not be okay as overtraining could result in several health issues. So, you need to know what is better for you or what exactly suits best for your health and go for the gym workouts as suggested by your fitness trainer.

However, at the end we will definitely mention that it is not always the quantity of workout but the quality of workout that helps you in keeping yourself healthy, fit and also help in weight loss.

NOTE: Consult with your fitness trainer about your fitness level and try working out the number of days as advised by your trainer.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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