Petty Justifications Given For Not Going To The Gym

Countless New Year resolutions of joining the gym from the New Year are made; however, it rarely converts this into a reality. It’s not like that one doesn’t want to get the perfect hourglass figure or the fit body. Rather, most of the individuals do get enrolled into the neighbourhood gym for countless number of times, but when the D-day comes one ends up developing cold feet. So what actually happens? Does the pretentious tummy ache actually stop you from moving around or is it the depleting will power that plays the spoilsport! Following are some of the some of the most common fears, which an individual often gets as an upper hand that keeps him two steps short of getting the perfect physique.

Petty Justifications for Not Going to the Gym

Fitness Models Here and There

Being a rookie in the gym filled with people flanking toned abs everywhere you cast your eye can either serve as a confidence booster or might further diminish your depleting confidence. In case if the latter is true, then you surely need to reconsider and give it a thought.

Why This Justification for Not Going to the Gym is Petty?

The best thing about hitting a gym as a rookie is that you are bound to come across at least three to four people like yourself. Doing gym together as a group would not only keep you all motivated, but would also create a sense of competition which shall help you in attending the gym in a disciplined manner.

In case if you are think that its already too late and it would be an utter waste of time, then think again! Rather thinking that it’s too late for you and gymming is a waste of time, why not try and waste the same energy and time trying to remove those extra layers of cellulite.

Tricky Gym Equipments

When you are trying to fight those tough layers of fat, you surely will need help of some tough gym beast machines. Initially these gym equipments might come off as utterly confusing with some looking like a four wheeler convertible and others like medieval torture chambers. On the first day of gym, one might end up making a fool of them by trying out the gym equipments in a wrong manner, however, most of the individuals get depressed with this act and stop going to the gym. This also acts as a big reason forcing the individual to put on the shy mask.

Why This Justification for Not Going to the Gym is Petty?

This problem can be solved if you focus on your core goals, for example, if you wish to remove your excess thigh fat, then you can do some prior research on the same to know more about the dedicated instruments which can help you out with it. In this way you will develop a clear idea about those tricky gym instruments, which will help you proceed towards your aim. Instructional videos are easily available online that can help you in getting the right kind of training. Always remember, pyramids were not build in one day. It took 85 years to build them. Similarly, you should give yourself some time to get accustomed to gym exercise machines.

One of the biggest mistake people make is trying to imitate others working out in the gym with the gym equipment. Please remember that they might seem like professionals, however, they themselves may be using the machines in the wrong manner. Rather, just listen to your trainer and be focused on achieving your goals and stop giving this excuse for not going to the gym!

Thinking That People Are Judging You

If you are thinking that people will judge you by how you conduct yourself in the gym then you are absolutely wrong.

Why This Justification for Not Going to the Gym is Petty?

Just like you have enrolled by paying hard earned money for reaping some benefits, your gym mates also have similar notion in their mind. They are all so much wrapped up trying to get fit that they won’t have the time to notice you or judge you.

As per a research study, when the gym mates are not marvelling at their mirror reflection, they are just trying to wrap up things to get along with their schedule. No one is actually noticing you or ignoring you at the gym.

In case if you encounter that ‘one in a million’ person who actually is taking note of you, you can simply go ahead and say hi!

Newbie Syndrome at the Gym

Walking inside the gym on the first day can bring on thousands of thoughts across your mind starting with; are you dressed right, am I using the machine in the right way and what not. If this is the thought that you have and it stops you from going to the gym, then you should reconsider it.

Why This Justification for Not Going to the Gym is Petty?

Imagine joining a new school in the middle of the session and walking inside the classroom with thousands of eyeballs focused on you. Surely, it won’t be the best walk of your life, but on the brighter side, you did manage the first school day of your school and even ended up making new friends. The gym is nowhere different and you can easily overcome your initial shyness.

Body Pains after Gymming

Starting with the exercise in the gym causes body pains, which might range from mild to severe. This discourages a lot of individuals and they end up avoiding the gym altogether.

Why This Justification for Not Going to the Gym is Petty?

Whether you start it today or the following year, the pain is going to occur; however, the matter of the fact is that this pain remains for a maximum of 3-7 days. Medicines do taste bitter but you take it in order to get well. Similarly, in order to have that fine toned body, one should not worry about 3-7 days of body pain.

Things To Consider While In The Gym That Shall Keep You Motivated Once You Start

Now, once you are convinced to dedicatedly start going to the gym, you should keep the following the tips and tricks in mind that shall help you undertake the workout drill like a pro:

Exercising might involve a few stretches here and there, which might often be accompanied with tweaking your back and pulling a muscle, however, make sure that you don’t end up hurting yourself. Follow your instructor’s advice properly to avoid any accident in the gym. Your aim should be to get in shape, but not at the cost of ending up in the hospital.

Learn to differentiate between the pain caused by exercising after a long time and the one caused by sprain. In case of doubt, do refer your physician.

Every gym brings along with itself, its own vibe, setup and culture. Try to visit a handful of them so that you can get the essence of each and understand which one shall suit you best. You can surely realise your true potential once you come across the right environment which ignites that spark within you and keeps it burning.

Music never fails to set the mood even when you aren’t feeling extremely perky. So let it boost you as you sweat out in the gym. You can make an inspiring playlist comprising of peppy chartbusters, which are sure to push you into breaking the boundaries at your local gym.

If you haven’t done your homework, you surely would feel the need of a personal trainer in the gym. After all it’s really tough to apprehend which weight shall be perfect for doing those lifting exercises all by yourself. So go ahead and hire one for those initial days or until you feel utmost confidence in your own skin. Trainers are great gym coaches who will inspire you to create milestones and guide you towards the path of fitness.

If you are one of those individuals who simply can’t stop chirping, then the best advice would be to get yourself a gym buddy. It surely will become all the more fun when you can gossip about the latest affair of your boss in between cardio training.

For staying fit and healthy you must first try and understand the gym manners. For example, don’t slam down weights, don’t hog the machines and always use a towel to wipe off the sweat. You surely have friends or family who are frequent gym visitors. Give them a call or invite them over for dinner to learn about gym or workout etiquettes.

Take Away

Well, if things work out then you surely won’t have a reason to complain and if things don’t work out the way you expected them to, then you will at least benefit from the exercising and building up your stamina. Keeping a positive viewpoint for sure helps you in sticking out in the gym on a regular basis and thereby help you in achieving your dream body type.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:September 22, 2018

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