Key Exercises for Men to Have Flat Abs

Flat ab has always been a badge of honour for men. It not only increases vanity and sex appeal, it also makes you strong and less prone to injury. Though most people think of the good look that is associated with the flat abs, it actually protects you from easy injuries, as you develop many strong muscles between your hips and shoulders that help in avoiding injuries while making a movement.

Key Exercises for Men to Have Flat Abs

Achieving flat abs is not easy for men. It is a result of rigorous and disciplined exercising regime. There are specific exercises that will help you to tone down your abs and make them strong. While you try to achieve flat abs, it is a must to keep in mind that your goal is to make the muscles strong. However, you must not make the abs stronger than the back muscles. There has to be a relationship between the back muscles and the muscles in the front of your body. Men tend to put much weight in the abs or front muscles and thus, the back becomes weaker and prone to injuries.

Also, you need to have a proper diet for your flat abs. The amount of calories that you burn should be more than the amount of calories that you take in. However of course, the exercise plays the key role. Here are the key exercises that can help men to achieve flat abs faster.

Exercises for Men without Any Gym Equipment to have Flat Abs:

Mountain Climber:

The first exercise that is very useful for achieving flat abs for men is mountain climber. You start in the push-up position with your hands below the shoulders and the toes touching the floor. Then, pull your right foot forward so that the right knee touches your chest. Tap the floor with the right toe and go back to the previous position. Repeat the same with the other leg. You should try to do as many reps of this exercise in 20 seconds as possible. Take a rest of 10 minutes and then do the same for a total of 4 minutes.

As your body tries to keep a straight line from head to toe, the core of your body (the abs) works more. The heart rate speeds up and you burn more calories in a short time.

Archer Row:

As already mentioned, it is very important to keep a balance between the back and the front of your body. Also, if you are not careful with your posture when you train your body for getting flat abs, you can have your guts bulging out. The archer row exercise can prevent that.

Start with the push up position, with the hands below your shoulders and the legs stretched slightly wider than your hips. The feet should point outwards in the right side direction. Now hold balance with your left hand and lift a dumbbell with your right hand and perform a row. Do not move your torso while you do this. Repeat for 20 seconds and then rest. Now repeat with the other hand.

Mogul Jump:

Burning belly fat is done fast with the mogul jump. To do this exercise for flat abs, start in the table top position. The knees should be below the hips and the hands below the shoulders. Now, put pressure on the toes and lift the knees from the floor, so that they hover above the ground. Keep the toes together and jump them to the left first and then take a pause and then jump the toes to the right and repeat. This way, the abs will feel a stretch while it is slightly twisted. Make sure that the upper body is still and the hands are steady.

Exercises with Props for Men to have Flat Abs:

Now that you have known about the free hand exercises that do not require the need of any props of gym equipment to have flat abs, you should proceed a little further and practice some more intensive exercises. These would include –

Ab Rollout:

This is a very useful exercise for men to get flat abs faster. However, this exercise is suitable only if you do not have an injured back or herniated discs. You will need an ab roller for this, but a barbell will also work, if you do not have the ab roller.

Start the exercise by kneeling on the floor. With your both hands, hold the roller right in front of you, below the shoulders. Stretch the body forward in order to roll out the roller. Stretch your body as much as you can and go as far as you can. However, make sure that your body does not touch the ground. Keep breathing in as you move forward. Hold your breath and keep your core tight. Roll in backwards and breathe out at this time. In all times, keep your core tight, so that your back doesn’t get hurt or injured.

Medicine Ball Slam:

Medicine ball is something that many of us have used in high school during physical fitness classes. However, it’s utility for abs slimming is not known to many. Even the usual 6 pound medicine ball can be useful for you, if you push yourself and go hard. For this exercise, you need to start with the hands holding the med-ball above your head. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Slam the ball on the floor and catch it as it bounces. Lift the hands again above your hand and repeat. For this, you will need to bend slightly forward and straighten up again. This is when you will feel the stretch and pull in your core.

Push-up to Jack Knife with TRX Strap:

This exercise for flat abs for men requires a TRX strap. However, if you do not have one, you can still do this with a stability ball. Put your feet in the TRX handles and stretch your body on the floor with the palms touching the floor and the rest of the body forming a straight line. Push your hips up by bending it in the core, so that only the head, shoulders and hip stays in the a straight line. This will be your starting position. Bend your elbows to slowly straighten your body, so that it comes to a parallel to the floor, without the chest touching the floor. Go back to the starting position and repeat.

Hanging Knee Raise from a Pull Bar:

Stretch your hands shoulder width apart and the palms facing away from your face. Hold the pull bar above you and hang yourself, with the legs held together. Slowly try to bend your hips and knees so that the thighs reach your chest. Stop here and then slowly release your legs towards the starting position. This exercise works amazing on the lower abdomen and helps you to hold your core tight and get flat abs fast.

Stability Ball Crunch:

Another key exercise for men to have flat abs is the stability ball crunch. This wonder equipment can help you a lot in achieving what you have been looking for. Sit on the stability ball. Place the feet firmly on the floor and make a 90 degree angle of your knees. Slowly lie on the ball with the palms held at the back of your head in such a way that the elbows make a sharp bend at the length of your shoulders. Now tighten your abdomen and core and slowly raise your body and move forward, so that the chest reaches the thighs. Hold the position and relax for a moment and then return to the starting position to repeat the exercise.

Kettle-bell Swing:

Since burning calories is the most important aspect of getting flat abs, one exercise that is very useful is kettle-bell swing. Not only does it increase your heart rate and help in burning calories, but it also hammers your core, working on the glutes, quads and hips.

To do this flat abs exercise, you need to bend from your hips and hold the kettle-bell with both hands right in front of you, arms-length down. Stretch the legs enough, so that your hands holding the kettle-bell can move from between. Start to ‘hike’ the kettle-bell by rocking slightly backwards. Thrust your hips forcefully forward, so that the kettle-bell swings at your shoulder length. Make sure that you hold your core tightly, so that the glutes squeeze in. reverse the movement by keeping the momentum. The kettle-bell should swing backwards from between your legs.

Hot Potato Squat with Dumbbells:

Another exercise that can increase your heart pumping rate and thereby, burn more calories is the hot potato squat with dumbbells. For this exercise, start in a standing position with your legs slightly wide than your hips. Bend the elbows, so that your fists are closer to your shoulders. Hold a dumbbell with one hand and squat, so that the quads are parallel to the floor. Now toss the dumbbell to the other hand right from in front of your face. Again squat and repeat.


All these exercises are very useful for men to burn their calories fast and to turn the fat into strong muscles in the abs as well as create a balance with the back muscles. However, having a healthy diet and maintaining good posture is a must if you want to achieve this faster. A wrong diet or indiscipline would end up in no results. Also, make sure that your postures are correct, otherwise you might hurt yourself. Always get instructed by an experienced physical trainer first, in order to know the right postures. A trainer would also be able to guide about the exercises that are more useful for your body condition and help you achieve your goal of getting flat abs soon.

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