Personal Fitness Training Business Guide : The Paperwork Checklist

If you have a knack for business and a love for fitness, it can be a no-brainer to consider becoming a personal trainer. Research shows that an average salary of a personal trainer is above $55,000, which makes it one of the hottest jobs in the fitness industry.

However, talent alone is not the only ingredient in success. While starting a personal training business right away seems a lucrative option, one must be prepared for all the paperwork needed in hindsight. Listed below are some of the tasks that you will definitely have to strike out from your paperwork checklist!

Company registration

This is an optional process for trainers who do not intend to open their own gym or fitness studio. In case you choose to do so, it is mandatory for you to register your business with the government as an LLC, to the very least. Along with that, you will have to be thorough with your tax work every year to avoid any legal liabilities.

PT Certifications and Specialization Certificates

The very first document that you need to keep handy right from the beginning of your career is a relevant personal trainer certification from any of the top certifying bodies such as NASM, ISSA, and ACE. Apart from giving credibility to your skills, these certifications also make you eligible for personal training liability insurance. The pricing for these certifications starts from $200 and can go beyond $2000, depending on the package selected.

You can slowly advance from the level of a beginner personal trainer to an advanced level and then to a master level by taking up certificates for each of these milestones. Each of these level-wise certifications adds to your skills and knowledge about the practice, such as identifying muscular imbalances or comprehensive areas such as nutrition, personal wellness, sports, etc.

Along with these professional all-around certifications, you ought to take up specializations to create your niche and become an expert in a particular form of fitness technique. A few of these certificates are: 

  • Youth/senior training
  • Strength and condition training
  • Sports training
  • Functional training

Personal Trainer Liability Insurance

Safety first should be your primary agenda right from the get-go in your career. Safety of your clients and the safety of your business, one must be diligent in both aspects. The above-listed certifications, coupled with hands-on experience, take care of the client safety aspect.

However, when it comes to your business, getting personal trainer liability insurance could be of utmost importance. This insurance will provide services, including legal help for defining client contracts, financial coverage of lawsuits, rental damage insurance, assistance in case of theft, etc. The insurance will also cover you for liabilities such as professional, general, and product liability. When it comes to a liability claim, your insurance will help you cover such financial situations as well.

Contract Management

One of the best legal practices that you must follow right from the beginning of your career is to create and maintain contracts for each client. This will be a pillar in saving you from any breach of contract lawsuits. Along with the client agreements, you must also make sure to be meticulous and seek legal help with your vendor contracts, rental agreements, and any other alliance you get into.

Additionally, as a personal trainer, it’s important for you to ensure your client’s safety. Here are some safety tips to consider while training your clients for triathlons.

Wrapping Up

In business, no promise is ever complete until it is on paper. Being careful with paperwork will be the best practice you will inculcate in your business. With the above points in mind, set out to lay the foundation of your personal training business with your exceptional talent and carefully written paperwork.

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Team PainAssist
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Last Modified On:September 19, 2023

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