Exercises To Make Your Butt Bigger and Stronger

Many people wish to change the shape of their rear, but is it actually possible to get bigger butts? It is not easy to build muscle and it is even more difficult to build it where desired. A person cannot always control the shape of their body, but some exercises can definitely help to make a difference. Read this article if you are looking for exercises to make your butt bigger & stronger.

Exercises To Make Your Butt Bigger And Stronger

Exercises are indeed a very useful part of strength training and muscle building. Some exercises are focused and can be specifically aimed at toning up certain set of muscles. Having bigger and stronger butt may a desire for many, particularly for those involved in sports and fashion. Nevertheless, having strong butt is helpful even in daily life and can help protect the hips and lower limbs.

Here we look at some important exercises to make your butt bigger and stronger.

Strength Training Exercises For Glutes

Only exercises may not help to completely change the shape of the butt. But certain exercises can surely help to build muscle and make one stronger, which is always a good thing. The glutes include 3 muscles, namely gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Exercises which work all 3 muscles are the main exercises to make your butt bigger and stronger.

Few such exercises are squats, step ups, side step squats, lunges, deadlifts, one-legged deadlifts, bridge with leg drops, and donkey kicks. All these moves should be clubbed together into a workout, and about 10 to 16 reps of each exercise should be done. 1 to 3 sets of these exercises should be performed depending on the performer’s fitness level. The amount of weight used should be such that one can finish the desired number of reps.

These exercises to make your butt bigger and stronger will not only help to improve your performance but also give you a good shape.

Cardio Exercises For Glutes

Strength training exercises are good for building bigger butts, but some cardio exercises can also target the rear. A study was conducted in which researchers tested all the major cardio machines to determine which ones targeted the glutes the most. Compared to other machines, treadmill was found to be the most effective. Jogging on the treadmill had maximum glutes involvement. The recumbent bike on the other hand was least effective in targeting the glutes. One should try a great treadmill workout to get their glutes moving. The elliptical trainer was found to be good at targeting the glutes too, coming only second to treadmill running. An elliptical interval workout definitely kicks the butt. In the exercises to make your butt bigger and stronger, sprinting was also found to be one of the best things that could be done to target the butts. Sprints and hills workout can help to burn calories while working the butt.

  • These exercises to make your butt bigger and stronger, also target your cardio training and give your stamina a great boost.
  • To avoid feeling like a failure if their body does not respond in the desired way, one should know about some important facts like:
  • You cannot choose where they will gain weight. There is no guarantee that people lifting weights to put on muscle in their butt, will get the desired result. Butt exercises do help to firm things up and give you a greatly toned butt but they may not always change the shape of the butt.
  • The shape of your butt is primarily determined by genetics. People tend to inherit the shape of their butt from their parents or other family members. If a person’s parents have flat butts or big butts, chances are that they will have similar butts.
  • Along with cardio and upper body training, doing lower body exercises can also help build muscle, but there are many factors including genetics that will decide how much the butt can really change.
  • There are no magic exercises which can change the shape of the butt, but there are some great moves which target the glutes.
  • Diet too plays an important role in toning up the butt and can influence the performance of these exercises to make your butt bigger and stronger. To work on the strength, tone and shape of the butt, it is important to follow a healthy, high protein diet with limited fats.


Exercise is undoubtedly the best, healthiest and most effective way of making the butt bigger. These exercises to make your butt bigger and stronger can surely work wonders for those wishing to have a strong rear.

Although this is not a quick fix technique and the results may not be instant, but a whole range of other benefits are reaped by taking exercise as the main approach. For example, one such benefit of exercising is that everything becomes a whole lot tighter, firmer, and better looking. You can build bigger butt through their very own exercise program, for which you must be sure about the kind of exercises you need to perform, the frequency of exercising, and the types of food you should be eating. So, plan your diet and exercise routine with these most effective exercises to make your butt bigger and stronger.

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