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Why You Should Listen To Music While Working Out?

Music has a power to make a difference in anything we do. The same thing goes even while you are working out. Listening to music while you are exercising does a lot! It relieves the boredom and also can improve the quality of the workout by improving your stamina as well as by putting you in a better or happier mood. And when the music is quite motivational or when it is synchronized with your workout, you start showing better results and you begin to improve physically and psychologically. Music actually inspires you to do more of the workout and remain determined towards your workout and achieve your fitness goals. If you are one of those who love listening to music while working out, or who is looking for an inspiration for doing workouts at a steady pace, then you will definitely get some benefits out of this article. Read on to know why you should listen to music while you workout.

Why You Should Listen to Music While Working Out?

The reason are:

It Helps You Distract:

There are many people who love to workout. However, some of us find it really hard or bored about getting in to the gym, especially if we are trying to lose weight, or get in to the right shape. In such cases, listening to music can really help you distract your mind away from the boredom and make your workouts look enjoyable and fun.

According to a study, it was found that by listening to music while working out not only acted as a distraction while working out but also the participants became less aware of their exertion by listening to music. Such a kind of distraction could actually benefit an individual’s athletic performance by about 15%. (1)

Music Motivates Your Drive:

One more reason why you should listen to music while you workout is that it motivates your drive. According to some studies it has been found that cyclists that listened to fast-paced music worked actually harder; 120-140 beats per every minute is the optimal range. (2)

Music Helps In Keeping Your Steady Pace:

Music also helps you in keeping your steady pace while working out. It is tough to stay in time when you are at your gym. You can lose the pace while on the treadmill or can lapse of concentration. However, using music, especially the bass or the dance music, can actually help you in keeping a steady pace so that you do not over or under exert yourself during your workouts.

Music Gets Into The Zone:

One of the benefits of listening to music while working out is that music gets in to the zone. Say, if you are at your gym and you forgot your headphones or have a lots of things on your mind, it can be really hard for you to find the focus and to engage yourself with the right form of exercise that you are performing. You might be sometimes thinking about your day or what would be your lunch or snacks and so on.

However, music helps you to drown out the unwanted noises in and around your head, your thoughts, and allow you to get into the fitness zone and invest completely in your workout that you are engaged with.

It Helps You Keep Moving:

One of the best benefits that you get from listening music while you are working out is that it helps you keep moving. It is a very well known fact that when you have your favorite tracks playing on, you can stop yourself from tapping and stepping your feet or stopping yourself from dancing.

However, while you are working out and the music is on, you get more of energy and that helps you remain motivated and well engaged in your workout exercises. Thus, you keep moving!

Research Suggest That Music Gets You Better Results:

There are researches that suggest that music is beneficial in getting you better results in your workouts. According to a source, the London Bruel University School of Sport and Education, it was mentioned that they have found the act of listening music can actually reduce the perception of effort quite significantly and can also increase your endurance by 15%. (3)

Music Reduces Your Anxiety:

It’s truly said that the best thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain. Many of us suffer from anxiety at different times, and that’s the reason we stop going to the gym for workouts. However, listening to music can help in reducing your anxiety. There are many studies which have proved that music actually reduced the anxiety of people in various kinds of situation.

So, if you are feeling anxious and not willing to hit the gym, simply put on your headphones, listen to your music and choose your right workout and forget about everything else. “The world is in the music and workout!”

Music Improves Your Mood:

There is a saying, “Music is the medicine of the mind”. One of the best things to mention about why should you listen to music while doing your workouts is that music improves your mood. There are evidences that music enhances the levels of our happiness, as it releases the happiness chemical, called the dopamine in to our brain and reduces the stress levels. These dopamine chemicals are released during workouts and while listening to music; and when both, workout and music are combined, you see an instant uplift in your mental well-being and your mood.

According you an analysis of 2013, it was found that most people usually listen to music as a means to change their mood and to find self-awareness. (4) The participants of the study mentioned that listening to music helps them think about themselves, made them believe in themselves, made them think who they actually wanted to be, and gave them an escape from their present. No matter, what happened in the last few hours in your life, you can simply help yourself escape from the negativity and can gear up for the workout that you are in to or going to be with. Be known, that you will be doing great when music is with you and you are doing your workout quite consistently.

It Reduces Your Heart Rate:

One of the best reasons why you should listen to music while working out is that it reduces your heart rate. Even slow music is great for reducing the heart rate. You can quite naturally calm and relax your heart rate with something the 60 bpm to 80 bpm marks, or something like acoustic music.

Music Helps In Minimizing Fatigue:

Most of the music, except the meditational soothing music is produced to keep you awaken and keep your mind fully engaged, and this is a great thing if you are working out in your gym. We all feel tired, and run-down at gym and also feel unmotivated for pushing forward. However, listening to motivational workout music can actually be a great way to push through all these barriers and help you in attaining a successful workout.

Music Helps To Push Through Your Goals:

Setting goals and targets in your workouts usually becomes tough, especially if you are a beginner in your fitness routine. However, music helps you to push through your goals. Listening to a music that your love while doing your workout could help you in doing your workouts for at least one hour and that could be your definite goal. So, each time you hit the gym make sure you have at least one hour of motivational music with you.

Take Away:

So, from the enormous benefits that we get by listening to music while working out, it is obvious that you must be excited enough to workout with the music on so as to get the best of your workouts in your life. You can experiment various kinds of music and figure out the best one for you to listen while you workout. It would not only help you stay focused and get the maximum benefits from your workouts but also keep you entertained all throughout the exercising session.

“Let the music add more life to your workout!”

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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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Last Modified On:October 31, 2019

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