Alexandria’s Genesis – is it Real?

About Alexandria’s Genesis

Alexandria’s Genesis which is characterized by an individual having eyes that are violet or purple in color is an unusual condition which is thought to be caused due to a genetic defect. This defect in the genes causes the eyes of a baby to turn purple or violet within six months of birth. This unusual color of the eyes becomes darker in color as the child attains puberty. Alexandria’s Genesis in no way affects the vision of the individual but people with Alexandria’s Genesis tend to have apparently little to no hair on their body except for the eyebrows, head, nose, and eyelashes.

It is also believed that people with Alexandria’s Genesis will have extremely white skin color and they are immune to any sort of skin burning or tanning. It is also said that females with Alexandria’s Genesis do not have menstrual periods despite being fertile and able to bear children. It is also believed that an individual with this condition stops aging past 50 years of age which makes it quite an unbelievable phenomenon questioning the very existence of such a condition called Alexandria’s Genesis.

Alexandria's Genesis

What is the Reason behind Alexandria’s Genesis?

Alexandria’s Genesis is thought to be caused due to a genetic mutation that occurs in certain people which results in the eyes taking a violet or blue color. This color changes to dark purple as the child attains puberty. This condition does not affect the eyesight of the individual but tends to have some other effects on an individual.

Some studies suggest that individuals with Alexandria’s Genesis do not have the ability to grow hair in their facial, pubic, and anal areas but have normal hairs on their eyelashes, eyebrows, and head. It should be noted here that everything said about Alexandria’s Genesis is based on studies and literature and the very existence of this condition is still being debated.

What are Some of the Other Symptoms Associated with Alexandria’s Genesis?

Some of the symptoms associated with Alexandria’s Genesis are limited hair, an extended life span, purple eyes. Apart from this, the skin of the people with Alexandria’s Genesis do not get tanned or burned if out in the sun for long periods of time. People with Alexandria’s Genesis do not get overweight irrespective of the amount they eat on a daily basis and the amount of activity they do. Some studies also suggest that people with Alexandria’s Genesis stop aging after 50 years of age which is just a speculation as it is impossible for anyone to stop the aging process.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis for Real?

This is the real question to ask since all the data that is available on Alexandria’s Genesis is just speculations from literature and studies that have been conducted dating back to many years. It is possible that some of the characteristics mentioned for Alexandria’s Genesis may be true. There are certain human races that have an extremely fast metabolism rate and have a very strong immune system.

It may be extremely rare but purple eyes are still possible in an individual due to lack of pigmentation. Lack of body hair could be due to another condition called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. The only point raising questions about Alexandria’s Genesis being real is the extended life span that has been mentioned in the literature. Even in an individual with an extremely high metabolism rate and a strong immune system it is impossible for someone to stop aging beyond a certain age as aging is a chemical process which cannot be stopped under any circumstances.

The maximum that an individual has lived up to is 126 years and the statement made that people with Alexandria’s Genesis can live up to 150 years is something that cannot be believed and thus it seems unreal that a condition or disorder exists like that of Alexandria’s Genesis.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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Last Modified On:May 2, 2017

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