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Injuries of various types can cause trauma to the bones and soft tissues of the palms and hands, causing pain in palm of hands. Some common injuries are Fractures of the bones of the hands or palms and dislocations. Sprain and strain of hand muscles, ligaments and soft tissues. Injury or damage to the tendon in the hand causing inflammation and swelling of tendon sheath (e.g. de Quervain’s syndrome). Overuse injury to the hand joints and tissues of the palms. Injury to the cervical vertebrae (neck bones), intervertebral disc causing disc protrusion or nerve compression. Injury to the nerves of the hands can cause pain in palm of hands with numbness and tingling. Injuries to the skin on the palm like insect bites, stings, etc. on the skin of palms too can cause pain in palm of hands, which can be of burning, stinging types on the skin over the palms. Burns, scalds or wounds to the skin on the palms can cause pain in palm of hands.