Payment Options For Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implants may be a costly affair to undergo. More so, because this is regarded as a form of cosmetic surgery in case it is not a part of the treatment procedure of cancer. In order to undergo breast implant surgery, the patient has to go for a good financial planning along with the guidance of financing specialist who has knowledge of cosmetic surgery.

Payment Options For Breast Implant Surgery

Can You Make Payments On A Breast Implant?

The payments for breast implant surgery may depend on the type of implant the patient wants. Thus, the costing may differ for different patient. The patient may make payments in any of the three methods:

Payment By Cash: It may seem quite surprising, but a lot of women are seen to choose this option. Patients are seen to save up for their breast implants for a few years so that they can have financial stability in order to have a breast implant surgery.

Payment by Credit Card: Many patients are seen to choose to pay by credit cards when they feel ready to go for the surgery. One of the disadvantages with this method is that credit cards are that the payer may have to pay high interests associated with the credit cards. However, if the patient is confident enough to pay off the balance within the stipulated time, it may be a good option.

Options Present In The Hospital Or Surgery Centre: In recent times, where the cosmetic surgeries are gaining a lot of popularity, there are a number of financing plans available for cosmetic surgery in the centre. Apart from this, the patient may also go for installment payments for the breast implants.

When Does The Patient Have To Make The Payments For The Breast Implant Surgery?

The breast implant surgery patient has to make the payment according to the hospital rules where the surgery has to take place and also according to how the doctor says to make the payments. It should be remembered that the patient should always be ready to pay at least some portion of the whole cost in advance. Other consultation fees and deposits should be paid according to what the hospital and the doctor says.

What are the Additional Costs Which The Patient Has To Be Aware Of?

Corrective Surgery: In case the breast implant surgery patient feels dissatisfied or not happy with the results of the breast implants and how they look, she may have to pay for a corrective surgery which may cost as much as the initial surgery, if not more.

Replacement Costs: The breast implant surgery is a costly affair to maintain. There may be complications such as rupture or leakage associated with it. Due to such complications it may become necessary to replace the implants after some years. This may add up to the additional cost because it may require equal expenditure like the initial costing for the surgery.

Regular Checkups: The breast implant surgery patient may have to go for regular checkups and MRI scans after the implant surgery. This is important in order to detect the rupture or damage of the implants, especially the silicone ones, because there is no other day to detect its damage. An MRI scan may cost around $1,000 or more and this may not be covered by any form of insurance.

Is There Any Form Of Discounts Available In Undergoing The Breast Implant Surgery?

In case the breast implant surgery patient may want to undergo more than one cosmetic surgery method, some sort of discount may be available if she chooses to get both done at the same time. This may save money on the anaesthesia and facility fee.

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